Monday, July 6, 2015

007 Barbie Dolls - Licensed to Kill!

Gorgeous Barbie Loves Bond Collection

Barbie Loves Pop Culture: James Bond 007 Ken and Barbie Gift Set
James Bond is an iconic pop culture character - 'Bond, James Bond' - so it's hardly surprising that he should join forces with Barbie, out favorite pop culture princess.

Here you can see a Ken and Barbie gift set where Ken is doing his best to be our favorite licensed to kill spy, James Bond while Barbie looks every inch a Bond girl.

The Bond girls are certainly a beautiful lot which is why it seems a great idea to re-create them as Barbie dolls. Unfortunately there aren't as many of them as I'd have hoped when I first heard of Bond Barbies, but I'm hoping that they'll release more in years to come.

These 007 Barbies certainly are licensed to thrill whether you prefer Honey Ryder, Solitaire or someone else.

These dolls are a must have for not just Barbie collectors, but any serious Bond fan too!

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