Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aquamarine Heart Pendants

Gorgeous Aquamarine Pendants

Heart Shaped Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant
Aquamarine is a beautiful blue gem that I personally think is gorgeous, it also happens to be the birthstone for March. The gem is said to symbolize happiness and I would certainly be very happy to receive one of these beautiful pendants.

Silver really helps to bring out the pale blue of the aquamarine which is why I prefer the silver aquamarine pendants over the more traditional gold ones, however with the increased use of white gold I've found that these also show off the aquamarine beautifully. These heart shaped pendants make a fantastic gift for that someone special whether for a birthday or a special date such as Valentines Day.

Aquamarines - A Beautiful Gem

Queen Elizabeth II wearing aquamarines
Source: Wikipedia
Brazil is the leading producer of aquamarines and can boast that some of the largest (and most rare) aquamarines come from there. In fact for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation the President and people of Brazil presented her with a gift of a matching necklace and earrings featuring oblong aquamarines and diamonds as you can see opposite. The Queen loved them so much she commissioned a matching tiara to be made.

As the Queen is such a fan of aquamarines (and I do think they suit her complexion really well) I wonder if she has a heart shaped aquamarine pendant or not? If not then hopefully Prince Phillip is reading this and can remedy the situation!

Aquamarines can also be found in some African countries such as Zambia and Nigeria as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

14K White Gold Natural Aquamarine Heart Shaped Pendant
The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua – water and mare – sea. This reflects the hue of this beautiful stone which is usually a beautiful blue, or blue-green like the ocean.

The first documented wearers of this gemstone were the ancient Greeks. Greek sailors used aquamarines on amulets believing that it would protect them from Poseidon’s wrath.

It’s considered extremely good luck to give someone their birthstone as it helps to enhance their own natural traits.

14K White Gold Heart Shape Aquamarine Diamond Pendant
The traits associated with people born in March are the same as those that are associated with aquamarine – friendship, courage and fidelity.

Aquamarines are also considered to be great as a stress reliever, now I’m not sure exactly how a gemstone is supposed to help with stress, but I’m willing to try it out and see if it works :)

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