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Howard Wolowitz Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles from the Big Bang Theory

Howard Wolowitz
While Sheldon wears a lot of Superhero and retro t-shirts Howard tries to get everyone to focus on another part of his anatomy which is why he loves wearing different belt buckles. He wears what I've heard referred to as 'geeky' belt buckles, but I personally think a lot of them are just plain fun.

Wearing belt buckles are a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfit and you certainly don't have to be a geek to do so!

This page is dedicated to the belt buckles that Howard Wolowitz wears on Big Bang Theory, but they're pretty cool for anyone to wear.

I especially like the Pac Man belt buckle myself, but that's because the 80s pull on my nostalgic heartstrings! If you love superheroes or Star Wars then there's belt buckles here which you can enjoy whether you're a Howard Wolowitz fan or not.

Superhero Belt Buckles

Featured on TV's Big Bang Theory

All of the four scientists on the Big Bang Theory love superheroes as is evidenced by Sheldon's t-shirts and Howard's belt buckles not to mention numerous discussions and their shared love of comic books.

In fact the comic book store has a recurring role in the series along with Stuart the owner of the store. An interesting factoid is that Sheldon purchases all of his t-shirts at the Comic Book Store ..... it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere about where Howard manages to get all of his belt buckles from though. Luckily for you the more popular buckles that he owns are all available for you right here, so let's have a look at them all.

Howard's Retro Video Game Belt Buckles

I love the retro video game inspired belt buckles that we've seen Howard sport and they include the Nintendo controller and a Pac Man belt buckle both of which transport me straight back to the 80s. I think that Howard really should visit this post for some future belt buckle ideas as I'm sure he'd love it! -

Retro Video Games Belt Buckles Are you looking for retro video game inspired belt buckles such as Pac Man and the Legend of Zelda? I've found a great collection of 80s retro gamer belt buc..

Let's look at the retro video game belts that Howard has already worn now, as I've said before there are two for us to look at here -

The Flash Belt Buckle

Howard has worn a fun Flash belt buckle like this one along with a number of different Superman, Batman and Green Lantern belt buckles.

DC Comics The Flash Belt Buckle
Flash is certainly one of the favorite superhero of all of the Big Bang Theory 'gang', if you remember in one episode they turned up to go to a fancy dress costume and they were all wearing Flash costumes so had to change!

There are a couple of other episodes which show Sheldon wearing a Flash costume as well and as for his Flash t-shirt collection.....

Howard's Batman Belt Buckles

I've seen Howard wear at least 3 different Batman belt buckles, but the silver colored one (I believe) has been worn more often that the others. Now it's hard to know exactly what the buckle Howard actually wears on the show is made of, but personally out of all of the ones that look like this I would pick a chrome one as opposed to other metals as it just seems to 'wear' better.

Howard's Green Lantern Belt Buckles

I can only remember Howard wearing two Green Lantern belt buckles, which makes a change from the copious amounts of different Green Lantern t-shirts that Sheldon seems to don!

Superman Belt Buckles Worn by Howard

Howard Wolowitz has also been spotted in a number of different Superman belt buckles - here are two of the ones I can recall him wearing.

Superman Logo S Belt Buckle
I am more of a classic superhero girl myself so instead of the chrome Superman belt buckle that Howard has worn I would favor the red and yellow buckle below that he's also worn ....... it just says Superman to me!

Superman Classic Logo Belt Buckle
Is it a bird, is it a plane...... no silly, it's a cool belt buckle that could look as good in your belt buckle collection as it does in Howards!

Star Wars Imperial Symbol Belt Buckle - As Worn By Howard, Big Bang Theory

As with the other members of the Big Bang Theory 'gang' Howard is a Star Wars fan, he shows this when he wears this Star Wars Imperial emblem on his belt buckle

Star Wars Men's Imperial Logo Belt Buckle
I'm not a huge Star Wars fan myself, but I do feel like the Imperial emblem looks fantastic on a belt buckle and is a design that (in my opinion) could work just as well on a pair of jeans as it could some dress trousers.

Howard's Red Vespa Belt Buckle

As Seen on the Big Bang Theory

BuckleJunction Scooter Belt Buckle
Howard owns a red Vespa on the show so it's quite appropriate that he would have a vespa belt buckle as well.

I think one of the funniest scenes featuring Howard on his Vespa is when he has to give Sheldon a lift on it - hilarious! I was laughing so hard that my hubby was finding watching me even funnier than watching the television.

The Sheriff Belt Buckle

Worn by Howard Wolowitz

When I first saw Howard's sheriff belt buckle I made a huge gaffe which I'm going to share with the world here.

Sheriff Star Belt Buckle
I asked why Howard would wear a Star of Texas belt buckle when it was Sheldon who was from Texas.

I was immediately informed that it was actually a sheriff's star, talk about feeling small..........................at least I can laugh about it though.

Howard's Crown Belt Buckle

GOLD CROWN Belt Buckle
This belt buckle makes me chuckle as Howard wore it with an eye-patch, gold shoes, leather trousers and a very loud shirt in his attempt to pick up that Sheldon compared to how a peacock shows off his tail feathers. Every time I see this belt buckle now I have this image in my head of Howard in a peacock costume - it's very funny!

You can get this design as a silver belt as well if you'd prefer, but Howard donned this gold one on the show.

Banana's & Owls - More of Howard's Collection

I've finally been able to source a couple more of Howard's belt buckles. First the banana buckle which I always thought was a nod to Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground album cover although nothing has ever been mentioned on the show about it.

The second one is the hoot owl buckle that Howard wears on the episode where he meets Bernadette on a double date with Penny and Leonard - I loved the 'does your mom' dialogue between them, hilarious!

Remember the 'Labors of Sheldon"? - Howard 'Made' Sheldon Clean All of His Belt Buckles!

In the words of Sheldon - That's a lot of belt buckles!

I do wish we'd been able to see more of the belt buckles, myself, but the scene's a classic anyway.

Seeing the sheer number of buckles that Howard empties onto the bed makes me think I may have missed a few! I can tell you that there are a couple of belt buckles that I've missed from this page because I haven't been able to source them for you and they are a deli sandwich belt buckle and a chimpanzee belt buckle.

If you’ve noticed more belt buckles on the show, please let me know in the comment section and I’ll try to locate them for you.

Do You Have Any of Howard's Belt Buckles?

I would love a pac man belt buckle, my brother actually has a pac man web belt so I'm sure he'd love a matching belt buckle as well. Unfortunately I don't own any of these belt buckles.........yet.

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