Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monster High Plush Toys

A Monster High Plush is a Cool Gift Idea

A Monster High Plush Doll like the Ghoulia Yelps one pictured is a gorgeously unique gift to give to a Monster High fan. The Monster High dolls are fun to play with, but the Monster High plush doll is what you want to take to bed with you isn't it?

A number of your favorite Monster High characters are available in plush form including Frankie Stein, Cleo De Nile, Abbey Bominable, Deuce Gorgon and Draculaura. Let's have a look at all of the Monster High plush dolls that I've been able to find for you - you will fall in love with all of them as they really do look very cute!

Monster High Plush Dolls Are Cute!

I love the fact that with this line of merchandise the powers that be at Monster High are actually bringing back the rag doll, because in essence that's exactly what these plush dolls are.

Like a good rag doll they are also very easy to wash which is good because the amount of playing that your child will do with these plush dolls will result in quite a dirty doll.

All of the scarily cute Monster High plush dolls come with their own plush pet as well which I think is awesome as it's almost like two plushes for the price of one.

Monster High Friends Plush Abbey Abominable DollMonster High Friends Plush Clawdeen Wolf DollMonster High Friends Plush Cleo De Nile DollMonster High Friends Plush Deuce Gorgon DollMonster High Friends Plush Draculaura DollMonster High Friends Plush Frankie Stein DollMonster High Friends Plush Lagoona Blue DollMonster High Friends Plush Ghoulia Yelps DollMonster High Friends Plush Spectra Vondergeist

Who Would Like These Plush Monster High Dolls?

On a personal note I think most girls that like the Monster High dolls would fall in love with these plush dolls in fact if they like to play with stuffed toys more then they may even prefer them to the Monster High Barbie type of doll.

If you're buying for someone who mainly enjoys dressing her existing dolls up in clothes however this might not be the best gift idea as the clothes do not come off.

You can still play with these plush dolls and I think there's a place for both types of Monster High dolls in most girls' lives. To be honest my daughter loved taking a plush toy to bed with her when she was younger a lot more than she like dressing dolls up in clothes so these would definitely have been on my shopping list.

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