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Lego City - Police Sets

Lego City Police - How May We Help You?

Are you looking for Lego City Police sets? Lego City's finest are all on this page - The Lego City Police Department in all their glory are willing, ready and able to serve and protect the residents of YOUR Lego City!

Whatever needs doing, whether it's just going on patrol, rescuing a cat from a tree or mobilizing the police helicopter to catch bank robbers everything our intrepid Lego City Police Department needs is right here!

Not only does Lego City have a police station, they also have the police headquarters along with an awesome command center for when you need to mobilize your best people. The Lego City Police Department are one of the best equipped in the country and are ready to help keep the peace in the city as they and their families live in Lego City too!

Lego City Police Station (7237)

Keeping Lego City's Streets Safe

Lego City Police Station - 7237

With a Police Station like this Lego City’s residents can sleep soundly in their beds at nights knowing that the police have kept all the criminals locked up safely. This Lego City Police station set is full of everything a child needs in a police station. The 597 piece set includes everything you need to help police Lego City -
  • a helicopter
  • a motorcycle
  • a van
  • 5 officers
  • 2 police dogs
  • 2 robbers

The set also includes a control center, jail and heliport – what more could you ask for? Well since you did ask …….the Lego City Police Station has also won numerous awards such as the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval and the Greatest Products of 2005 award from iParenting Media.

Recommended for kids 5 to 12 years old this lego set is bound to supply hours of fun and entertainment for your child (acutal or inner!) from building the Police Station following the step by step diagrams (to make your life easier!), to the imaginative play that follows. The scenarios that this set could throw up are endless!

As one of the Amazon reviewers said “….This is by far my son’s favorite lego gift ever. It is quite a complete little world, with people, vehicles (including a helicopter), and a really cool police station.. ..” – really what else can you say, it does produce a complete little world and I’m also willing to bet that he’s not the only boy who has found this to be their favorite set!

From the Police Station you can orchestrate a Lego City police chase, including using your Police helicopter, bring the crooks back to jail before relaxing or you could even orchestrate a jail break out – will the police realize that the criminals are escaping? Will the escape be foiled or will there be a manhunt on the streets of Lego City? Buy this set for your child and see what scenarios they can come up with to stimulate their imagination.

Lego City Police Headquarters

For The Big Lego Cities You Need a Police Headquarters to Maintain Law & Order!

Lego City Police Headquarters

The Police Headquarters is a much bigger set than the Police Station containing 953 pieces in total. When built is stands over 10″ tall and has a 15″ x 10″ base. Another great feature of this fun Lego set is that it can easily be divided into two and arranged how your child wants to.

The set includes -
  • the police headquarters building
  • a prison transport truck
  • a police car
  • a police motorcycle
  • five policeman
  • two prisoners
  • a police dog

One of the great things about the Lego City Police Headquarters set are the details……the two prison cells have toilets and beds in them and the doors really open so make sure that the keys are hanging up completely out of reach of the prisoners……unless you’ve handcuffed them with the cute handcuffs that come with this set that is!

The Police Headquarters has interrogations rooms, prison cells, a coffee machine and water cooler (you need something to drink when eating donuts!) for the break room and even some little surprises like a trick wall to help the prisoners escape.

As always with Lego sets there are clear instructions to help you build the Headquarters and from there the play is entirely up to the imaginative minds of the children playing which will probably rival anything Hollywood could come up with!

Lego City Police Command Center

Policing Lego City on the Go!

Lego City Police Command Center

When the Lego City Police Department have to get mobile they call in the Lego City Police Command Center and they’re good to go. Housed inside of a truck that is 14″ (36 cm) long when the cab and trailer are attached, the Command Center is a bustling hive of police activity. The police truck is fully equipped with sides that open up and a control room inside.

This 524 piece Lego City Police set includes -
  • Detachable cab and trailer
  • 1 police man
  • 1 robber
  • 2 other minifigures

But again it’s the details that make this set great, the robber even has a gold tooth like Joe Pesci’s character in Home Alone! You also get traffic cones, walkie talkie and it’s a mobile unit so of course there’s a radar to catch speedsters and increase the Lego City Police Department’s revenue so that they can upgrade their police force with more equipment!

From reading the Amazon reviews it seems like everyone loves the Police Command Center with comments such as -

“….He absolutely loves this police vehicle. I love that he can follow directions to build it, strengthen fine motor skills with small parts and use imaginative play…”

In other words both child and mom think it’s fantastic, but wait there’s more -

“I think this is one of the best lego sets I’ve ever gotten!!!” - Yet another happy Amazon reviewer!

The Police Command Center really does encourage imaginative play as most police departments seem to have a mobile unit these days and they feature in the media………it’s really interesting to watch and listen to your children playing with this set as their ‘take’ on the use of the Police Command Center can be a little different to what you’d expect!

Lego City Police Helicopter

Keeping the Skies of Lego City Crime Free!

The official product description of the Lego City Police Helicopter is as follows -

* Patrol and protect LEGO® City from the air! Watch for trouble in this police helicopter
* One police pilot minifigure included
* Copter blades really rotate and the helicopter is over 7″ (18 cm)
* Includes simple small tools, camera and rotating rotors as two LEGO build functions
* Includes 94 pieces

I haven’t actually tried out the Police helicopter however and there are a lot of not very flattering reviews about problems with the propeller and rotors.

The helicopter has a single seat cockpit and comes complete with the police officer pilot. There are also handcuffs and binoculars in the set and the helicopter itself is equipped with two cargo containers, a side-mounted video camera and a search light – ideal for following criminals at night when on a police chase!

Lego City Police Boat

The Lego City Water Police!

Sometimes the police need to take to the water and to do that they need boats, luckily the Lego City Police Dept have a police boat all ready for action!

This lego set is a 30 piece one and includes a police officer to act as boat skipper. There’s no escaping on the high seas for anyone who turns to crime in Lego City as this police boat skipper knows the waterways around here like the back of his hand and his nifty boat will foil any attempt to escape!

Lego City Police Pontoon Plane

In the Air or on the Sea, the Lego Police are Ready to Protect & Serve!

Is it a boat, is it a plane? It’s the Lego City Police Department’s Pontoon Plane – a seaplane that can help fight crime and keep Lego City safe both on the water and in the air!

The seaplane measures 14″ (36 cm) long when completed with a wingspan of 16″ (40 cm) and both the side door and cockpit open. This Lego City police set containes 215 pieces which includes a pilot minifigure.

Lego City Police Car

Policing Lego City's Roads

For trouble on the streets of Lego City there is always the reliable Lego City police car complete with it’s police officer. This Lego City set is an easy build (hence it’s 5+ age recommendation) and the police officer included also has a radar gun to catch anyone who dares to speed. Of course any officer on patrol needs a walkie talkie and this police officer is no exception.

One problem with this particular Lego Set is that although it contains a walkie talkie there’s not space for one in the car. There are also no handcuffs or weapons, but you are able to purchase these seperately which doesn’t make it so bad.

Lego City Police Dog Unit

Yes, Lego City Even Has It's Own Police Canine Unit!

This 96 piece set includes a police van that opens in the back for the dog, along with the two police officers – the human one and the canine one. There are also handcuffs and walkie talkies which are invaluable when you’re on the job.

Imagine that Lego City’s bank has been robbed and the robbers were seen to drop something – Officer Rex sniffs it and quickly gets the scent, he’s off and his partner is running along behind him busy on the walkie talkie so that the police officer in the patrol car can try to cut the robber off.

Officer Rex gets to the robber first and pins him to the ground while Rex’s partner snaps on the handcuffs and once again the streets of Lego City are safe!

I absolutely love that fact that there is a K9 unit available in Lego as my daughter loves watching shows about training police dogs, customs dogs etc, this set is right up there in her books and it’s also another opportunity for imagination play if the dog is an officer in training – now that’s fun to watch children re-enact!

Lego City Prisoner Transport

Another Cool Lego City Police Set

When it’s time to move the prisoners around Lego City the police are taking no chance! Whether they’re escorting their prisoner to court or to Police HQ after catching him it’s time to call for the Prisoner Transport van.

There are 173 pieces in this set and they include -
  • a prisoner transport van
  • a motorcycle
  • road block
  • a police officer
  • a robber

The transport van opens up at the back to allow you to put the prisoner inside before driving him to his destination. The opportunities for imaginative play are (again) limitless – the robber tries to make his escape on the back of a motorcycle before crashing into the road block and being caught by the police officer.

Of course if you’ve got some of the other police sets it leads to even more fun as you introduce the motorcycle and it’s rider to the radar gun – oh no they’re speeding! Or the dog squad catches the criminal before he makes it to his motorcycle……..oh the fun just never stops in Lego City!

Lego City Police Motorcycle

Sometimes it can be hard to get to the scene of a crime by police car – the traffic in Lego City can be at standstill during peak hour, this is when the Lego City Police Department rely heavily on their Motorcycle division!

This Lego City Police set was a very simple one to make and included the police officer minifigure, motorcycle with a kick stand and a walkie talkie. Building the motorcycle is really simple as it’s basically two large pieces. The playability with the police motorcycle, however, is where (as a toy) this set comes into it’s own.

Amazon reviewers certainly didn’t seem to be complaining about this Lego set.

“I bought this set because it was cheap and I wanted the figure and motorcycle for my police force…..” – This is the key, it’s not a complicated build, but it does help to complete a police presence and let’s face it most children go through a ‘cops and robbers’ stage.

“There isn’t much to this set, but it’s still very, very cool. From the motorcycle’s slick design to the minifigure’s painted-on shades and cool helmet, this inexpensive set is a key element of the Lego City…..” – Another of the same sentiment, what can I add???

Lego City Police Officer

All the equipment in the world is no good without good personnel to operate it and this is where this small Lego City set comes in, it’s a great addition to any of the other Lego City Police sets.

The set comes with a police officer, dog, walkie talkie, white hand-held sign and a radar gun to make sure that no one is speeding.

This lego set only has 21 pieces, but it great as a starter set for a police presence or (as I said) as an addition to any existing police sets.

Lego City Police Minifigure Collection

Cops and Robbers has long been a popular game among children and with this minifigure collection you can combine Lego with Cops and Robbers and let your imagination go wild.

This set of 57 pieces includes -
  • 2 police officers
  • 2 robbers
  • ATM machine
  • Quad bike
  • police dog

Also included are handcuffs, money sack, money brick and flashlight.

Whether your child has a Police Station or Police Headquarters set or not this fun ‘cops & robbers’ style minifigure collection is sure to delight and should lead to hours of imaginative play.

The ATM machine is also great to put in different places around Lego City so can be comfortably used in conjunction with a number of other Lego City sets.

2012 Lego Police Sets

Are you looking for the 2012 Lego Police sets? The sets that were released in 2012 were based around the Forest Police and included a Police Forest Station as well as a Police Heavy Lift Helicopter, check them all out here -

Lego City Police Sets of 2012

2013 Lego City Police Sets

Six different police sets were released in the Lego City range during 2013 including an accessory pack which I think is a great addition to any police set as it includes 4 police mini figures along with a police dog and let's face it you can always use more policemen with your sets.

Let's look at what sets are available -

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