Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lego City Hospital

A Lego Hospital is a Must Have Building

Out of all of the Lego themes available I must say that my favourite is the Lego City theme and luckily for me my goddaughter loves this theme too which means I can say I’m just keeping tabs on the new Lego sets for her sake – nothing like living vicariously through children is there!

This Lego City Hospital set isn’t a new set, it was actually released in 2006, but it is one that I think is a great buy for children. One of the reasons I love Lego City Lego is because it includes things that exist in real life like a pizza place, and airport, construction sites, a harbor etc. Getting a child used to hospitals without having to take them there is a great idea because should they ever have an accident you can help keep them calm and relaxed by talking about what’s different between the hospital they’re in and their Lego one.

Children use play to deal with things in their world and so you find that there’s suddenly an outbreak of flu when everyone else has been sick or someone has been rushed in to be operated on because they swallowed chewing gum and it had twisted around their insides and they might die if they’re not operated on immediately (yes thanks for that sister-in-law!!)

What Does The Lego City Hospital Set #7892 Contain?

377 Pieces of Lego Playtime

Once built the Lego City Hospital is three stories high; the first level holds the office; the second level holds the patient ward; the third level holds the operating theatre. Also as part of the set you get four minifigures, all of whom happens to be male which is disappointing; they include a doctor, a patient and two EMTs which should mean extremely great health care with those ratios!!

The set also contains a rescue helicopter which both my daughter and goddaughter loved as they used to see the rescue helicopter come in regularly when they stayed with their grandparents as it would fly right over their garden. There’s also an EMT truck included as well which also provides a lot of fun.

There are lots of different accessories which come with this set that includes a desk and lamp for the office; a couple of beds and an infusion set for the ward as well as lots of equipment for the operating theatre some of which looks very strange, but your child will know exactly what it’s for and you might be totally thrown when they tell you!

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