Thursday, February 12, 2015

Silver Amethyst Heart Pendants

Are you looking for a silver amethyst heart pendant? I have a gorgeous collection of these pendants right here ready to be purchased from the comfort of your own home!

The lovely purple hue of amethyst lends itself really well to silver, the combination results in some truly beautiful jewelry. Amethyst is the birthstone for February so it can make a wonderful gift idea for anyone born in that month.

Amethyst was a prized gem for centuries and adorned royalty through the ages. Purple was really seen as a powerful, regal color and amethyst reflected this beautifully. In more recent times more amethyst depostits have been found which has led to the gem being more easily accessible to everyone. This is why anyone can now own their own piece of amethyst jewelry.

Hearts are a classic pendant so combining silver, amethyst and a heart shape makes perfect sense for birthdays, anniversaries even Valentines Day - who wouldn't love one of these beautiful pendants from someone they care for?

Silver & Amethyst Heart Pendants

Heart shaped pendants or necklaces have been popular for years. The heart is such a simple shape, but when it's replicated in metal and gems it becomes a beautiful fashion accessory. Silver and amethyst combine in these heart shaped pendants to make some fantastic statements.

Silver hearts with amethyst in the middle or silver and amethyst hearts the choice is yours. Personally I like the amethyst in the middle, but I have seen people wearing amethyst encrusted hearts with aplomb.

Silver Heart Shaped Amethyst Pendants

Using a heart shaped amethyst in a pendant or necklace is another great way of incorporating a heart into your amethyst jewelry.

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