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Monster High Dolls

All Monster High Dolls
If you haven't succumbed to the freaky and fabulous Monster High dolls yet, I'm sure you will once you see exactly how cool these dolls are.   Forget about Barbie these dolls weren't designed on humans, they're the offspring of some of the scariest monsters we have like the Abominable Snowman, Werewolves, Frankenstein and Ghosts - that's what gives the Monster High dolls their edge!

My daughter considers herself too old to play with dolls, but she still thinks these Monster High dolls are cool and although she didn't play with dolls much when she was younger she claims if these dolls had been around she most definitely would've!

All The Monster High Dolls

List of the Monster High Dolls Available

Now as I said these dolls weren't designed on humans they're actually supposed to be the offspring of monsters hence why they attend the Monster High School. The first thing you have to decide when buying a Monster High doll is which one to get so here's a list of all of the Monster High Doll characters -

  • Abbey Bominable - Daughter of the Yeti, Abbey loves fur, straight talking, math and pancakes! 
  • Aery Evenfall - Dream Monster: A Skeleton, find out more at MHS Fright-Mares.
  • Amanita Nightshade - She is a plant monster born from the seed of the corpse flower.
  • Astranova - Daughter of Comet Aliens.
  • Avea Trotter - An exciting doll from Freaky Fusion she is part harpy and hart Centaur which means her lower part is a horse!
  • Bay Tidechaser - Dream Monster: A Sea Monster, check out MHS Fright-Mares for more info.
  • Batsy Claro - Daughter of the White Vampire Bat.
  • Bonita Femur - From Freaky Fusion  Bonita is a mixture of a moth and a skeleton.
  • C. A. Cupid - Daughter of Eros, the Greek god of love, C. A. loves lace, psychology and cupcakes with sprinkles! Find out more about Cupid here - C.A. Cupid
  • Casta Fierce - Daughter of Circe.
  • Catrine DeMew - Daughter of Werecats, not much is known about Catrine's likes at the moment because she's still the new girl. 
  • Catty Noir - A well known celebrity she is a dark skinned Werecat.
  • Clawd Wolf - Son of Werewolves, Clawd loves football and steak! 
  • Clawdeen Wolf - Daughter of Werewolves, Clawdeen loves shopping, economics and steak - rare of course! Find out more about Clawdeen Wolf dolls here
  • Clawdia Wolf - Daughter of Werewolves and older sister to Clawdeen Wolf.
  • Cleo De Nile - Daughter of the Mummy, Cleo loves cheerleading, geometry and grapes! 

List of Monster High Dolls Continues!

  • Deuce Gordon - Son of Medusa, Deuce loves his skate shoes as well as his own culinary style creation - Greek Monster Fusion!
  • Draculaura - Daughter of Count Dracula, Draculaura loves creative writing and fruit and is a vegan!
  • Elle Eedee - Daughter of The Robots.
  • Elissabat - Daughter of a Vampire Bat.
  • Fawntine Fallowheart - Dream Monster: A Deer, find out more about these 'dream monsters' at Monster High Fright-Mares.
  • Finnegan Wake - Son of a Merman
  • Flara Blaze - Dream Monster: A Phoenix - check her out at MH Fright-Mares.
  • Frankie Stein - Daughter of Frankenstein, Frankie is the youngest which means she hasn't had time to decide on a lot of her favorites yet, although she does enjoy history.
  • Frets Quartzmane - Dream Monster: A Gargoyle, see the MHS Fright-Mares post for more info.
  • Garrott du Roque - Rochelle Goyle's boyfriend.
  • Ghoulia Yelps - Daughter of Zombies, Ghoulia loves reading and is a real bookworm who also enjoys eating fast food. 
  • Gigi Grant - Daughter of the Genie which means that she has to grant the wishes of her finder. Find out more about Gigi here - Monster High Gigi Grant.
  • Gil Weber - Son of the River Monster, Gil loves swimming, oceanology and eating plankton!
  • Gilda Goldstag - Daughter of the Ceryneian Hind.
  • Gooliope Jellington - An orphan taken in by the circus and possibly related to The Blob.
  • Headless Headmistress Bloodgood - A strict teacher who is based on the Headless Horseman and even has a horse named Nightmare.
  • Heath Burns - Son of Fire Elemental, Heath loves to flirt and is a cousin to Holt Hyde and Jackson Jekyll.
  • Holt Hyde - Son of Mr Hyde, Holt love music, both creating new mixes and music theory.
  • Honey Swamp - Honey Swamp was previewed at Comic Con and comes from (surprise, surprise) the swamp!
  • Hoodude Voodoo - Created by Frankie Stein, Hoodude loves scarecology and Scaribbean food!
  • Howleen Wolf - Daughter of werewolves, Howleen loves soccer, hot dogs and math!

All of the Monster High Dolls Continued

Monster High School Dolls - Roll Call

  • Invisi Billy - Son of the Invisible Man, Invisi Billy loves practical jokes and physics.
  • Iris Clops - A cyclops who's a member of the Fear Squad.
  • Isi Dawndancer - The Daughter of the Deer Spirit.
  • Jackson Jekyll - Son of Dr Jekyll, Jackson loves basketball, science and macaroni and cheese!
  • Jane Boolittle - An animal witchdoctor, Jane has to wear a leg brace which gives her a little trouble walking.
  • Jinafire Long - Daughter of the Dragon, Jinafire loves calligraphy, metal work and spicy food!
  • Kala Mer'ri - She has a sea monster heritage, but she tries to keep it a secret!
  • Kiyomi Haunterly - Daughter of the Neppera-Bo, the faceless ghost.
  • Kjersti Trollson - A Norwegian Troll.
  • Lagoona Blue - Daughter of the Sea Monster, Lagoona loves to eat sushi and being in or near the water!
  • Lorna McNessie - Daughter of the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Luna Mothews - Daughter of the Moth Man.
  • Manny Taur - Son of the Minotaur.
  • Marisol Coxi - Daughter of the Maricoxi (a Peruvian ape like creature).
  • Meowlody - Daughter of a Werecat and twin sister of Purrsephone, Meowlody loves napping and gymnastics.
  • Mouscedes King - Daughter of the Rat King.

  • Nefera De Nile - Daughter of the Mummy, Nefera is the older sister of Cleo and likes to make sure that Cleo's aware of that!
  • Neighthan Rot - Another character from Freaky Fusion Neighthan is part Centaur and part human.
  • Operetta - Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, Operetta loves playing music and singing as well as enjoying Elvis Presley's favorite food - fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!
  • Penepole Steamtail - Dream Monster: A Butterfly, check out more about her at MH Fright-Mares.
  • Peri & Pearl Serpentine - A two headed Hydra
  • Porter "Paintergeist"Geiss - Son of a Poltergeist.
  • Posea Reef - a Great Scarrier Reef goddess in training.
  • Purrsephone - Daughter of a Werecat and twin sister of Meowlody, Purrsephone loves eating ice cream and taking Mad Science at school.
  • Pyxis Prepstockings - Dream Monster: A Pegasus, find out more on our Fright-Mares post.
  • River Styxx - Daughter of the Grim Reaper.
  • Robecca Steam - Daughter of a Mad Scientist, Robecca has an adventurous streak and loves using her rocket boots to perform all kinds of tricks and stunts.
  • Rochelle Goyle - Daughter of Gargoyles, Rochelle is from Paris and loves architecture as well as sculpting.
  • Scarah Screams - Daughter of the Banshee, Scarah loves listening to stories as well as losing herself in books.
  • Serena Von Boo - She is part mermaid, part ghost with very impressive purple hair.
  • Skelita Calaveras - Daughter of Skeletons, Skelita loves absolutely anything to do with Dia de los Muertos so it's hardly surprising her favorite food is sugar skulls!
  • Skyra Bouncegait - A Ghost Dream Monster - more information can be found on our Fright-Mares post.
  • Slo Mo or Sloman Mortavitch - He is a zombie  who forms a close trio with Ghoulia Yelps and Don of the Dead.
  • Spectra Vondergeist - Daughter Ghosts, Spectra's favorite lesson at school is journalism so it's no surprise that she's also a bit of a gossip!
  • Toralei Stripe - Daughter of Werecats, Toralei loves to nap although she also likes drama and is a natural born mimic.
  • Twyla - She is the shy and misunderstood daughter of the Boogie Man, unlike her father however she hides under 'normies' beds in order to capture their nightmares instead of adding them.
  • Vandala Doublooms - Daughter of a pirate ghost.
  • Venus McFlytrap - Daughter of the Plant Monster, Venus loves the fresh air and sunshine which is why her favorite hobbies are hiking and camping.
  • Viperine Gorgon - Daughter of Medusa and sister to Deuce Gorgon.
  • Wydowna Spider - Daughter of Arachne.

The Monster High dolls have also been released in numerous different series with names like Ghouls Night Out, Dot Dead Gorgeous & Sweet 1600 so if you have a favorite Monster High doll there's probably several different versions of them available for you.

Monster High Doll Sets

A great way to add to your Monster High collection (or to start it) is by getting sets as you get more than one doll at a time. As well as there being several different series of Monster High dolls available (as I mentioned above) there are also a number of different sets available to purchase as well. Check out the one's I've compiled for you here -

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