Friday, February 20, 2015

Green Amethyst Pendants

green amethysts pendants
Usually associated with a beautiful purple color Amethyst also comes in other hues including green. To be completely honest with you I had never seen green amethyst until very recently and I fell in love with it.

Green amethyst still gives you a feeling of clarity when wearing it and it is also a great talking point.

Because so few people have heard of green amethyst wearing green amethyst provides a talking point at parties and the like.

Green amethyst is caused when amethyst containing an iron compound is heated. Usually amethyst when heated will turn yellow, orange or brown, but the iron compound that is found in some amethyst produces a green color.

Green amethysts can range from a light sage green to a deep grass green.

Green Amethyst Jewelry Sets

Green Amethyst Pendant & Ear-ring Sets

Gold & Silver Green Amethyst Pendants

Because green amethyst is still unusual the jewelry designers have really used all of their creative juices to come up with some stunning statements with these following pendants which combine both gold and silver in the design.

Silver Green Amethyst Pendants

Silver and green makes a striking look. If you don't believe me then you need to check out these beautiful pendants. The paler green with the silver also means that these green amethyst pendants will work well with a number of different colors which means it's a versatile fashion accessory for your wardrobe.
Green Amethyst Bezel Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish 1.75 CaratsCheck Price2.75 Carat Natural Green Amethyst and Genuine Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling SilverCheck Price5.00 Carat Oval Green Amethyst and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling SilverCheck PriceUnique Onion Cut 5.00 carats Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Green Amethyst PendantCheck PriceBoldly Colorful 4.00 carats Oval Cut Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish Green Amethyst PendantCheck PriceKite Shape Large 6.00 carats Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Green Amethyst PendantCheck PriceConcave Trillion Cut 5.00 carats Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Green Amethyst PendantCheck Price6.50 Ct Genuine Green Amethyst 16x12mm Pear Shape 925 Silver Pendant 18Check Price3.75 Carat Pear Shaped Green Amethyst and Diamond Teardrop Pendant in .925 Sterling SilverCheck Price

Gold and Green Amethyst Pendants

Green and gold looks great together (of course being an Aussie that may mean I'm biased!!!) I think if you look at some of these yellow gold pendants starring green amethyst you will definately agree.

The green amethyst suits both simple designs where it's unusual beauty can carry the piece of jewelry all by itself and more complicated designs. I've found a great selection of gold green amethyst pendants below which I know you'll love.

White Gold and Green Amethyst Pendants

Gold comes in three different variety the traditional yellow gold that we featured above, rose gold which is rarely seen and white gold which is getting more and more popular. When people like the color of silver, but still want to have gold jewelry then white gold is the answer.

The beautiful color compliments that green amethyst beautifully as you can see in these white gold and green amethyst pendants.

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