Monday, February 16, 2015

Lightning Bolt Pendants

Buy Beautiful Lightning Bolt Pendants!

There’s something about the lightning bolt and people’s fascination with it that makes lightning bolt pendants so popular.

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From David Bowie’s Starman days to Lady Gaga’s The Fame stars have been paying homage to the lightning bolt in fashion.

Lightning bolt jewelry looks good in either silver or gold which means that anyone can wear it and look good in it.

The zigzag design is instantly recognizable as a lightning bolt and I think people are just attracted to the amount of energy that’s contained within lightning. Personally I love watching a lightning storm in the sky – it really is fascinating.

Lightning Bolt Pendants Make Great Gifts Too!

Do You Like Lightning Bolt Pendants?

If you answered yes to the above question then I have another question for you - do you own any? If the answer is no then never fear as I have a great selection for sale right here! If you do already own some lightning jewelry I’m sure you appreciate getting positive comments from other people so why not give a friend a lightning bolt pendant for a birthday or Christmas gift?

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Lightning bolts don’t just attract people because of the energy contained within them, but also because as far back as the Ancient Greeks they’ve been seen as a symbol of power. Lightning bolts were always associated with the all powerful god Zeus. Since then other cultures have also held lightning bolts up as symbols of power.

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Being seen as a symbol of power means that lightning bolts also have a dark past with Nazi's using the symbol for their SS.

Lightning bolts have also been seen as a symbol of salvation and fertility or the life force.

In recent times we’ve also seen lightning bolts occur in pop culture, as I’ve already mention both David Bowie and Lady Gaga have sported lightning bolts. Also in the movies Harry Potter sports a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

Lightning bolts can give your outfit a bit of a spark and really set your look a-light! With those two terrible puns I think I’ll leave you to try and decide between these three gorgeous pendants.

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