Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heart Shaped Birthstone Rings

A heart shaped ring makes a wonderful gift for someone special. Valentines Day, birthday, Christmas or anniversary there’s always a good time to give someone a beautiful heart shaped ring. Rings are something that can be worn all the time so they can remember your gift every day.

Make a heart shaped ring even more special by buying her one based on her birthstone. Every month has a different birthstone attached to it. By wearing your own personal birth stone it is supposed to help you be the best that you can be. By giving someone their birthstone you’re reminding them that you do know when their birthday is (never a bad point to make in a relationship!!)

The Heart Shaped Birthstone Jewelry Store has a selection of heart shaped birthstone jewelry available online including some gorgeous rings - a far greater selection than I can offer here, but I'll do my best!

January = Garnet Heart Shaped Rings

Garnets are the birthstone for January. The most commonly recognized garnets are the deep red or reddish brown colored stones. Red is the universally accepted color of love so buying garnets just seems an ideal idea.

Double Heart-Shaped Garnet and Diamond Birthstone Ring in Sterling SilverCheck PriceGarnet Heart Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring - Size 7Check PriceThree Heart Shape .018 Diamonds CTTW in Silver Garnet Ring, Size 8Check PriceSterling Silver Rhodium Plated Ring with Heart Shaped Garnet (size 10)Check PriceTitanium Tension Set Ring with Garnet Heart Gemstone, Comfort FitCheck Price14k White Gold Round Garnet And Diamond Heart Ring (Size 6)Check Price10k Gold Heart Shaped Garnet Ring (7.5)Check PriceGarnet Ring: Sacred Heart by The Bradford Exchange: 8.5Check PriceGarnet and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K Yellow GoldCheck PriceHeart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Ring in 10K GoldCheck PriceCherub Ring With 4mm Heart Shaped GarnetCheck Price14K Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Mozambique Garnet and Diamond RingCheck Price

February = Amethyst Heart Shaped Rings

Amethyst are the birthstone for February. Amethyst are renown for their purple hues which are simply gorgeous. Purple is the color of royalty so giving someone a purple ring could be telling her she's your Queen........I have found some stunning heart shaped Amethyst rings right here -

March = Aquamarine Heart Shaped Rings

Aquamarine is a beautiful shade of blue that I personally think is most divine! Some believe that wearing Aquamarine increases the wearer's ability to experience love - what better reason so give someone an aquamarine heart shaped ring?

April = Diamond Heart Shaped Rings

Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones so by giving someone a diamond you are letting them know that your love for them will outlive any other love. Is this the reason why so many engagement rings are made from diamonds??? Diamonds are definitely a gemstone that is appropriate for any age group to wear so no matter what age your love is these diamond heart rings are sure to look good.

May = Emerald Heart Shaped Rings

Emeralds have been prized gemstones for over 4000 years. The deep green of the emerald is said to have a cleansing effect and emeralds are also a promoter of love and romance. Love and romance go hand in hand with these heart sharped emerald rings below -

June = Pearl Heart Shaped Rings

Said to represent purity what better way is there than to declare that your love for someone is pure?? Pearls are also said to represent faith so a pearl heart shaped ring is another way of saying that you’ll always be faithful to her. Here are some great looking pearl heart shaped rings for you to choose from.

July = Ruby Heart Shaped Rings

A vibrant red, rubies have been used to represent both love and passion over the centuries. Did you know that as a birthstone rubies are said to harness the power of devotion? Whether you want to tell someone that they instill love, passion or devotion in you or even all three then what better way than with one of these ruby heart shaped rings?

August = Peridot Heart Shaped Rings

The birthstone of August is peridot which is a light yellow-green gemstone that is said to protect the wearer against fear. I guess that could include fear of commitment I'm not really sure. There are some beautiful peridot heart shaped rings that anyone would be happy to receive.....especially if they were born in August. -

September = Sapphire Heart Shaped Rings

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. Known as the stone of good fortune sapphires have long been prized as a gemstone. My mother's engagement ring was made of sapphires and so was mine, sapphires have never really gone out of fashion. These heart shaped sapphire rings show you why sapphires are always a great idea.

October = Opal Heart Shaped Rings

Opals are jewels that fascinated me when I was younger with the different colors that you could see inside of them (especially fire opals). This optical effect is what draws a lot of people to opals.
Opals are said to allow the expressive nature of the wearer to shine through. Opals are used a lot in jewelry, but I haven't seen many heart shaped opals which make these opal heart shaped rings even more special.

November = Citrine Heart Shaped Rings

Citrine is a yellow type of quartz. It is said to bring laughter and lightheadedness to any wearer. Citrine heart shaped rings have a warmth about them (probably due mainly to the color) that I think is rather under rated. Here are a selection of citrine heart shaped rings for you to choose from

December = Blue Topaz Heart Shaped Rings

Blue Topaz is a very popular gem by itself and not just because it's the birthstone for December. The icy blue of the blue topaz is fantastic. I have been after a blue topaz ring for years (hint, hint) it is said to inspire spiritual growth. Blue topaz is also supposed to stand for patience and love.
Here are some really lovely blue topaz rings for you to peruse.
4.25 Carat (ctw) Sterling Silver Round Diamond Heart Shaped Blue Topaz 3 Pcs Ring, Pendant, Earring SetCheck PriceSilver Three Heart Shape Blue Topaz with 0.018 Diamonds cttw Ring, Size 7Check PriceSterling Silver And Heart Shaped Light Blue Topaz RingCheck Price10K White Gold Heart Shaped London Blue Topaz RingCheck PriceXPY 10k Yellow Gold Heart-Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond-Accent Claddagh Ring (.016 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)Check PriceDouble Heart-Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Birthstone Ring in Sterling SilverCheck Price14K White Gold Heart Shaped London Blue Topaz and Diamond RingCheck PriceHeart Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldCheck Price10k White Gold Heart Shaped Blue Topaz with Round Black and White Diamond RingCheck PriceHeart Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring in 10K GoldCheck PriceHeart Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond RingCheck PriceHeart Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring in 10K GoldCheck Price

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