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Ever After High Dolls - Apple White

Ever After High Dolls - Apple White Dolls

Apple White, Ever After High School StudentApple White is one of the character dolls from Ever After High (a spin off doll range from the hugely successful Monster High franchise). At Ever After High we meet the offspring of our favourite fairytale characters such as Apple White. Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and the Prince – sometimes referred to as Prince Charming or even Prince Valiant.

Why Snow White would name her daughter Apple after the Evil Queen tried to kill her with an apple when disguised as a witch does make me (as a mother) scratch my head a bit, but luckily my grandniece (who is the one that still loves dolls) hasn’t questioned the name so I’m guessing it’s not important to her.

Although she has her mother’s red lips Apple doesn’t have her mother’s hair which was ‘as black as ebony’ instead her hair is golden and cascades in curls down her back, it actually makes me think of Goldilocks when I see it and I would’ve preferred her to have dark hair, but I know that although Snow White was my daughter’s favourite princess my grandniece (who wants all of the Ever After dolls) seems to think that princesses should have long blonde hair and as she’s the ‘target audience’ for toy manufacturer Mattel they’ve obviously done their research well.

Introducing Apple White - The Doll!

An Ever After High School Doll

This is the first Apple White doll that was released and shows Apple wearing a gorgeous red and pink outfit, but probably the touch that I like the most is her apple shaped purse which I think is absolutely gorgeous.

The high heels could end up being a problem because my little niece already wants to wear heels and she’s only 6, but maybe we can tell her only daughters of princesses can wear heels……

Look at her face – isn’t she gorgeous? I can see why little Miss M fell in love with this blue eyed, blonde haired doll as she looks quite angelic close up. Now she does come with a hairbrush, but I wouldn’t recommend encouraging your child to brush her hair as I’ve found quite a few dolls look terrible and lose any curl when over brushed. I haven’t actually tried brushing Apple White’s hair though as she’s still in a box waiting to be wrapped up for someone’s birthday.

Ever After High is a divided school between Royals and Rebels and Apple White is a Royal – probably because she’s been promised a happily ever after ending to her life. Let me explain….

Legacy Day

An Important Day at Ever After High

On Legacy Day the students of Ever After High have to make a pledge to follow their destiny and live the same lives their parents did, this has led to a divide. Apple White can’t wait to make her pledge as she gets to marry her prince and live happily ever after, other children aren’t so eager to pledge as they don’t get a happy ever after as their parents were evil.

The two different groups are divided between the Royals (of which Apple White is one) and the Rebels which includes people like Apple’s roommate Raven Queen who as daughter of the Evil Queen does not have a happy ever after in her life, not only that she’s supposed to be evil.

Apple White Legacy Day Doll

A Gorgeous Ever After Doll

Legacy Day is such an important day at Ever After High that the students get to dress up in their finery and you can now get Apple White in a very regal looking costume for Legacy Day.

More Apple White Dolls

If you have fallen in love with the flaxen haired Apple White (or know someone else who has) then there are a few more of these dolls available including these -

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