Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendants

I love silver amethyst butterfly pendants! Why? Because amethyst and butterflies seem to work really well together on jewelry, probably because they are both beauties from nature. The purple hue of the amethyst works especially well with sterling silver to make some absolutely wonderful butterfly pendants.

A Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendant would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves butterflies, amethyst or who were born in February. Why the February part? Well amethyst is actually the birthstone for February so it's a great way of very subtly letting them know that you remember when their birthday is!

There are so many different butterfly designs to choose from it's hard to know where to start...

Silver & Amethyst Butterfly Necklaces

Silver Amethyst & Opal Butterfly Pendant

Amethyst also looks good combined with other stones. As far as butterflies go the blue hue of synthetic opal goes beautifully as these two sterling silver opal and amethyst butterfly pendants show.

Silver Amethyst Butterfly & Heart Pendant

Butterflies and hearts are often portrayed together, usually as a sign of love. The heart representing your love and the butterfly representing the feeling you get in your stomach everytime you see that person.

Amethyst heart pendants are very popular so combining a heart and a butterfly is a great idea. You could think of it as a way to say I love you (while still letting her know that you remembered she loves butterflies!). I think this pendant is absolutely lovely and I even think it would be an ideal father/daughter gift as well (I know my dd would go crazy over it!)

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