Sunday, July 27, 2014

Peace Sign iPhone Cases

Dressing your iphone up with designer phone cases is a great way to express yourself - these peace sign iphone cases are a great way to show the world what you believe in. The 60s saw tie dye peace t-shirts being spawned, the 80s saw peace sign ear-rings being worn, the 90s saw large silver peace sign pendants and the noughties saw peace tattoos.

This millennium will see us displaying our peace signs on iphone cases and there are so many different designs available that you'll be able to have fun while making a statement at the same time.

This collection of peace iphone cases is brought to you from a range of different artists who sell their products on Zazzle and I believe these peace iphones are the best on offer - from tie dye to flower power and showing off the red, white and blue these peace signs come in such a variety that you are bound to find (at least) one that you fall in love with. Although I should say that you're allowed more than one peace sign iphone case if you wish ..... I think a different colored one for every day of the week sounds like a pretty cool plan myself!

Peace Sign iPhone 4 Cases

Cool Selection of Peace iPhone Cases

"Peace man," is what you're saying when you walk down the street with one of these cases covering your iphone 4.

The idea of peace is something that most people love which is why the peace sign is so popular on different products such as clothing, bags and jewelry.   iPhone cases is just the latest fashion accessory that's trying to make a political statement while looking good!

In the words of John Lennon "...all we are saying is give peace a chance..." I do love that song and it's one I often think of when I see the peace sign or peace salute.

Peace Inspired iPhone 5 Cases

Cool iPhone 5 Cases

If you've got an iphone 5 these days then I'm sure you'll still want to make a statement for us all to love one another and live together in harmony aka peace man!

You can certainly make that statement with one of these stylish phones, I'm torn between the 'mosaic' design which is pretty cool and the purple peace sign - purple is my favorite color after all and the simplicity of the case also appeals.

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