Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Silver Dragonfly Pendants

Are you looking for silver dragonfly pendants? You've come to the right place as I've found a great collection of silver dragonfly pendants that can be purchased with a click from the comfort of you own home.
I love silver pendants and dragonflies are pretty special creatures – did you know that they were on this earth even before dinosaurs? I think that’s a pretty amazing thought.
Dragonfly jewelry first became popular during the Art Nouveau period that started in the Victorian era and continued into Edwardian times. The dragonfly jewelry that was popularized then was enameled dragonfly jewelry pieces including lovely brooches that you can still find around if you look carefully.
Moving into the 21st century and I think it's time for the silver dragonfly pendants to enjoy a heyday similar to their predecessors - let's face it what's not to like about them. Let's have a look and see what pendants are available online for you to enjoy....

Dragonfly lore is totally different in different parts of the world, some cultures believe that these beautiful insects are somewhat sinister. These people probably wouldn't want to wear one of these gorgeous pendants.

I personally prefer the cultures that feel a dragonfly landing on you will bring good luck…..now I haven’t had any ‘actual’ dragonflies land on me, but would a pendant have the same effect? I'd like to think so - it's a great excuse to purchase one just to see anyway!

In Japan a dragonfly symbolizes marital success which makes a dragonfly pendant a beautiful anniversary present or a 'just because you’re you' gift.

Of course giving a dragonfly pendant as an anniversary gift would be very special, but you could always give it as a gift on Valentine's Day. Think of it as an 'even though we've been married for xx years, you're still my Valentine' type of gift.

I would love a silver dragonfly pendant as a gift for any kind of occasion - there are a number of quite different designs as you can see from the selection on offer so even though I have one already there's always room for more!

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