Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Superman Mugs

Do you have a Superman mug?   These Superman mugs are a great gift idea because not only do they look great, they're also very practical.

My daughter got a mug that said Super Dad for Father's Day one year and my hubby absolutely loved it so even if they're not 'into' Superman most men will still appreciate being called Superman!

First up let's look at Superman Logo mugs -

Now if you don't want a classic Logo mug which although instantly recognizable is a tad boring in my opinion then never fear as I have a few other selections for you to choose from.

Superman Mugs

Drink Coffee Like a Superhero!

These mugs are available through Zazzle and they're designed to last.   The vibrant colors that are used on them will not fade or wash off (I have a Zazzle mug myself which still looks as vibrant as the day it arrived in the mail).

Made from 100% ceramic these mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe, although I can't guarantee how they'll react around Kryptonite!

I must admit my favorite mug out of these is the POW! one as it takes me back to the original televised cartoons, what's yours?

These Mugs Are Great Gift Ideas

Any You Can Drink From Them!

If you're a mere human (like me) then you probably find that you need coffee to kickstart yourself in the morning so that you can turn on the superhero side of you.   Let's face it phone booths are sooooo last millennium, all I need is a little caffeine!!!

Here's a couple more Superman mugs to enjoy -

If you're not sure about getting a mug as a gift, but you know someone who's a Superman fan then check out this page - Superman Gifts - for some ideas that are out of this world!

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