Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Budweiser Belt Buckles

If you love a drop of the Great American Lager - Budweiser - then why not show everyone by wearing a Budweiser belt buckle? Imagine walking into a bar and instead of asking for a Bud you can lift your shirt slightly and indicate your prefered beer - does that seem a cool move? Well it probably isn't at the start of the evening, but after a couple you'll think it's a Bruce Willis or Agent Booth kind of move!!!

I think that Belt buckles can make a great gift when you're unsure of what to buy someone, there are certainly numerous belt buckles available, but buying one that represents their favourite beer shows that you've been paying attention and is bound to mean something also means that you know it'll be used and not thrown into a cupboard never to be seen again!!!

Budweiser Belt Buckles

Great With Jeans 

There are lots of different types of these buckles available, these ones that I've selected are perfect to wear for a casual night out look with a pair of jeans. I can think of a number of guys who would love either one of these, although I'm thinking that the majority of them would go with the first one.

The thing that I think guys would find the most cool (well my hubby anyways)is that the first belt buckle featured is made from an actual beer can!

Personally I like the middle one as I love the tribal look it encompasses and I think it would look awesome with a pair of jeans - what do you think?

Belt Buckles for the Office

Budweiser Style of Course!

Although these Budweiser belt buckles will also look good with a pair of jeans they'll also be okay to wear to the office. Think of it as your little piece of rebellion by wearing a Budweiser belt buckle with your business suit.......hey if Agent Booth (from the television program Bones) can get away with it why not try it yourself?

They even make great gift ideas like for the office 'Secret Santa' gift - such an awesome idea you'll be sorry that it's anonymous.......although if your office is anything like the ones I've worked in you usually find out who got what for who!!

The first one featured above would work with a suit as would the cut out belt buckle.   I do like a script cut out on a belt buckle as it's a simple design that just works well.

Budweiser Belt Buckle and Bottle Opener

What a Combo!

If you thought that a Budweiser belt buckle was a good idea then what about combining your belt buckle with a bottle opener - now this is ideal to wear to a party or when you're having a cook out with friends - you'll be the most popular guy there!

Now I should mention that I haven't actually tested this belt buckle so I'm not sure how good the opener really is - but it makes a great gimmick and would be a cool secret Santa for a co-worker.

I've told you my favorite is the tribal cross belt buckle so which one is yours?

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