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The Best Mugs

Funny Mugs, Cute Mugs or Just Unique Mugs – Mugs are Great!

OMG i am so sleepy funny eye test mug
Eye Test Mug
Mugs make a great gift idea because everyone uses them whether you’re a tea drinker or a coffee drinker a mug is always welcomed. Some of the best mugs are cute and personalized, others are just plain funny. What you think of as your best mug really depends on your own personality.

I love funny and unique mugs, but my favourite mug for a long time (until Hubby broke it …… I was a little suspicious of that accident I should add!) was my Spandau Ballet mug that I brought at their reformation tour and really that was the best (to me) because it had nostalgic value.

My hubby’s best mug is a cool number 1 dad style of mug, but it wouldn’t matter to him what was written on the outside and although it was a gift from his daughter even that’s not what makes it his favourite. Why is this his best mug? It’s bigger than all of our other mugs and it’s also thicker which keeps the oodles of tea inside warm for longer.

Funny Mugs Make Great Gift Ideas

Unique Mugs That Make You Smile

I think these novelty mugs are wonderful gift ideas and I've caused a few laughs when I've given a funny mug to a colleague in an office Secret Santa back when I wasn't working from home. Mind you he did immediately guess who it was from (we both had the same sense of humor so it wasn't a stretch!), he also used it every day for his coffee so it was practical as well as funny.

Let's have a look at some of the funny novelty mugs I've found for you today....

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug
This mug would be perfect for one of our friends who’s own wife says he has a potty mouth once he’s had a couple of beers – or he’s watching the footy and as he often does them together……..

He also has a great sense of humor so would love to receive this – do you know anyone who’d love this mug? It seems like a lot of other people do as it’s a best seller on Amazon.

Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug
This is the first time I’ve ever seen this Anger Management mug and I think it is absolutely awesome it almost makes me wish I still worked in an office as I’d love to use it as a work mug and see how many people come to me with complaints!

Big Mouth Toys Grenade Mug - Take a Number
This is a popular mug that people seem to find funny, it’s not really my sense of humor, but I know a number of guys who love it so maybe it’s more of a ‘male humor’ mug.

Having said that my daughter thought it was cool before going off on a completely different tangent about grenades (I’m not sure what they’re teaching them at schools these days but……..)

Big Mouth Toys The Recycling Bin Mug
This mug would make one of my friends laugh if I gave it to her husband as he’s always putting the trash into the wrong bin – the recycling trash gets dumped in the normal bin and the normal garbage gets put in the recycling – it drives her crazy.

Between you and I I think he might just be trying to get out of putting the trash out, but then I can be a little cynical!

Who doesn’t find this mug funny? I think my hubby would love this one as he’s one of the lucky one’s who’s wife DOES know everything!

mugs for geeks

Here are just three mugs that the geek in your life might appreciate....

Superhero Mugs

Superheroes are very popular with geeks as so many of their favorite Superheroes were in fact geeks before they got their super powers. There are so many different mugs to choose from though that it's hard to know where to start.

Zazzle has some cool Super Hero mugs featuring the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Superman and more, here's a couple for you to look at now (if you want more details or to purchase them just click on them) -

Star Trek Mugs

Of course you might find that Star Trek is more your geek's style which is why I've included some cool Star Trek coffee mugs for you here -

Star Wars Mugs

Star Wars mugs are also very popular among a lot of people, including geeks. So if you're buying for a Star Wars fan then you'll want to check out these mugs - the Darth Vader mugs are especially popular.

Doctor Who Mugs

Doctor Who is another popular science fiction television show from the UK which some geeks really enjoy. There are so many different mugs to choose from they have their own page -

Doctor Who Mugs - They're Out of This World!

The Big Bang Theory Mugs

The Big Bang Theory is a show about geeks that is really funny and has a number of different pieces of cool merchandise representing the show including these mugs.

Seasonal Mugs

Easter Mugs

Now I must admit when it comes to Easter I'm more interested in the Easter Egg Hunt than deciding what mug to drink my tea out of, but I've discovered that there are in fact a lot of cool Easter mugs on the market like these -

These mugs are available from a company called Zazzle who are known for high quality printing on mugs which means the cute (and the funny one) designs will really 'pop' on your mug.

Halloween Mugs

Who doesn't love decorating for Halloween? Whether you favor spiderwebs or fake blood the possibilities are endless and there's nothing better to help with your planning (and the execution) than an ample supply of caffeine. What better method of delivering that caffeine into your system than via one of these cool Halloween mugs?

Christmas Mugs

Lots of people have special Christmas mugs, I love sipping hot chocolate out of a holiday mug while decorating the Christmas tree so I can totally see the appeal, there are so many different Christmas mugs to choose from they even have their own page -

The Best Ever Christmas Mugs

zombie mugs

Cool Zombie Mugs

There are some great Zombie mugs available to purchase online and there are certainly a lot of people who seem obsessed with Zombies these days. I think most people would have someone in their life who would love a cool Zombie mug, I know my brother would love one this Christmas (I've got him a Zombie shirt instead though so he'll have to wait for his birthday!)

Here's a great collection of Zombie mugs that would make a great gift ........ even for yourself if you don't think anyone else will buy you one!

It's hard to choose out of all of the Zombie mugs around, but I do like the zombified take on the I heart designs and I know that my hubby would love the last one as he always says all you need to do is run faster than the person you're with!

I'm not sure which one to get my brother, but I'm leaning towards the evolution one.

If you ever doubted whether or not a mug would make a good gift let me reassure you with this article - why mugs make great gifts.

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