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Superhero Footed Pajamas for Adults

Superhero Themed Adult Onsies

Superhero Onesies
Forget about getting 'boring' superhero pjs, you can get hooded and footed superhero pajamas right here - they're like onesies for adults and they're toasty warm too, perfect for winter nights.

I must admit I had heard of onsies for adults before and to be frank they reminded me of the old fashioned long johns nightwear as we used to call them. I decided I'd just stick to my trusty old flannel pjs as they've served me well until I went shopping with my eleven year old.

We needed to by my daughter some winter pjs and she decided she wanted this hooded and footed onsie style of pajama (they're obviously back in fashion!) and so we got her one and she has raved and raved about how warm it is. Now I know it's time to give adult footed pajamas a try as I hate the cold. While looking online I was thrilled to discover that you can get superhero onsies for adults - how cool is that? I've compiled a cool superhero selection for you here - I hope you enjoy them!

Captain America Footie Pajamas

Superhero Onsies for Adults

If you're a Captain America fan then you'd have to love this - a fleece Captain America costume style pajamas.

These union suit pajamas, as I've heard them referred to as, also come with detachable feet which is pretty cool as I would have the feet permanently attached whereas one of my friends has permanently hot feet so she could keep them off!

What you'll love if you're into dressing up is that these pajamas also come with a mask and attached head wings! Personally I just love that they're warm and cozy and I have to ask myself whether Captain America would have been frozen in a block of ice had he been wearing these pjs?

Officially licensed by Marvel these adult pajamas are available in five sizes from men's small to 2x-large.

Flash Hooded Footie Pajamas for Adults

A Cool Onsie for Adult Geeks

I can just imagine Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory wearing this Flash onsie to sleep in - can't you? They do say that more and more celebrities are embracing the warmth of an adult onsie so why not television characters? You heard it here first!

This warm all in one adult pajamas features Flash springing into action and would make a cool gift idea for any Flash fan. There's even a pocket on the left hand which can be very handy to have.

How fast do you think you'd be wearing these pajamas? Again these pjs are officially licensed (this time by DC, but you knew that didn't you?) and are available in five sizes from x-small to x-large.

Hulk Hooded Footed PJs

Footie Pajamas for Adults

I grew up watching the Incredible Hulk on tv and loving it! The only thing I'd worry about with these Hulk pajamas is getting angry and possibly splitting them!

With images of an angry Hulk on these 100% soft polyster pjs you can be sure no one will dare mess with you! Licensed by Marvel these adult pajamas are (like the others) available in five different sizes from x-small to x-large.

Iron Man Footed Pajamas for Adults

Cool Adult Hooded Footie PJs

I must admit that until Robert Downy Jr brought him to life I hadn't heard of Tony Stark aka Iron Man much to my husband's amazement, but really after the movies how can you not fall in love with this seriously arrogant super hero?

In the color red so that it stands out this pjs could easily be worn by Tony Stark - I think he'd love to just be wearing a pair of pjs that's all about him, but he might be surprised by how comfy they'd feel as well!

Whether you're a size x-small or x-large or anything in between you can order yourself a pair of Iron Man PJs that'll keep you safe and warm all through the winter months.

Spiderman Footed Pajamas for Adults

An Adult Onsie for Spiderman Fans

If you love Spiderman then this one piece Spidey piece of nightwear is perfect to keep you warm in winter. Covered in classic Spiderman poses (and his iconic mask) these pjs will leave friends and family in no doubt as to who your favorite superhero is.

If you loved the footed pjs that you had as a child you can relive the memory with these. I think a lot of my family members used to have the Spiderman footed pajamas as kids when I was babysitting them - a very popular superhero.

Superman Onsie Pajamas for Adults

Superman Pajamas for Adults

As far as male superheroes go Superman has to be my favorite - when I was younger I used to wish he would take me flying instead of Lois Lane! This cool onsie pj is in the distinctive classic Superman blue with his classic red and yellow logo in the middle of his chest. A great thing about these pjs is that the foots are detachable which means toastie warm toes in the winter, but during those surprisingly warmer nights in the fall and/or spring you can let your feet get a bit of air!

The cape is detachable so if you wanted to take it off you could and you'll still look like the Man of Steel himself. Sizes are available from S through to XXL.

Wolverine Hooded & Footed Adult Pajamas

Footie Pajamas You'll Love!

These adult pajamas not only come with built in feet and a cool hood, they also have their own claws! This Wolverine adult onsie is decorated with images of Wolverine himself as well as claw marks so be careful pulling this on!

These Marvel licensed pjs are bound to be a hit whether you like the character of Wolverine or not, because everyone loves Hugh Jackman! Available in five sizes - x-small, small, medium, large & x-large these unisex pjs are perfect for lounging in front of the television in on cold winter nights.

Wonder Woman PJs

Hooded Footie Pajamas for Adults

When it comes to the best ever super hero it just has to be Wonder Woman, don't you think? All you have to do is spin around to the background music of Wonder Woman and you're transformed from a mousy looking secretary to an incredible looking woman who can kick some serious butt!

The only problem with an actual Wonder Woman outfit is that it would be a bit cold in winter, but these pjs will certainly be warm! I am certainly going to be leaving this webpage open every time my hubby wants to use the computer until he get's the hint after all I think I could easily be Wonder Woman!!!

If you're not sure whether or not an adult onsie is for you, but you like the idea of getting a superhero themed item then maybe you'd prefer a bathrobe? I've found a great selection at Superhero Bathrobes.

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