Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sloth Tea Infuser - A Fun Gift Idea for a Tea Drinker

I absolutely adore some of the fun tea infusers that are available, my daughter got me a cute rubber ducky inspired tea infuser for Christmas which is really cute, but today I've discovered this infuser for when you want a real slow brew.....

Sloth Tea Infuser - Great Gift Idea
Sloth Tea Infuser
When I saw this I knew exactly what was going on my birthday list!   If you know a tea drinker then this really would made a cool and unique gift idea for them.

When it comes to infusers I must admit that I don't often use tea leafs in mine (I use tea bags for my black  and green tea), but I do enjoy mint fresh from the garden packed into my infuser - perfect for any upset stomachs too.

There are some nice herbal tea blends available as loose tea which I also enjoy - I buy small quantites at first to see if I like them rather than a whole box and it's no good buying something loose if you don't have an infuser or strainer to use.

I'm the only person in the house who tries these teas so a tea infuser makes more sense than a cool tea pot with a strainer.   If you know someone else who is a lone tea drinker in a house of coffee addicts then they may really enjoy having a sloth to hang out with.........he's just so cute too!

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