Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Trek Belt Buckles

The Original Star Trek Belt Buckles

Are you looking for Star Trek belt buckles? I've found some fantastic Star Trek belt buckles available online and have brought them together on this page to make your life easier.

To me Star Trek will always be about Captain Kirk, Bones McCoy, Spock and Scotty. Let's look at one of the episodes of Star Trek called The Time Twist Phenomenon.

Kirk: Captain's log stardate 2258 During the course of our voyage to go boldly where no man has gone before we have discovered something.....interesting.
Spock: Do you know what it is, Captain?
Kirk: I believe it's a belt buckle Spock
McCoy: It is Jim, but it's a belt buckle that's not as you know it......
Spock: Jim, I don't understand...
Kirk: Well Spock belt buckles are attached to our belts to help keep our trousers on.
Spock: How very logical
Kirk: Yes, but these appear to be of the Enterprise and ..... us
Spock: That may be correct, Captain, but hardly logical.

Captain Kirk & Mr Spock Belt Buckles

Unfortunately the belt buckles featuring Kirk and Spock (both on their own and together) are a little elusive to find these days so I'm not able to add them here for you, but if you did want to get one I would suggest keeping an eye on ebay as they do appear on there on occasion.

Star Trek Insignia Belt Buckles

USS Enterprise Belt Buckle

Unfortunately again it's hard to source these at times, although I have found a couple here for you -

In 1983 a gold and silver belt buckle was released to commemorate the Star Trek Enterprise 200th Anniversary - this is definitely one I would keep an eye on ebay for, although I'm not sure I'd wear it instead it would probably be kept on display as it is a collectible.

Star Trek Belt Buckles

Supporters of the Star Trek series refer to themselves as Trekkies which is the reason behind the Trekkie belt buckle. Trekker would seem to indicate that you have appeared on the series, but it’s a term I’m not really familiar with, however I've got both on belt buckles for you here -

I'd love to hear what you think of these Star Trek belt buckles, I'm sure I've seen Howard from the Big Bang Theory wearing a USS Enterprise one, but I may be mistaken.

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