Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Graduation Gift Ideas

Cool Gift Ideas for Graduates.

Graduating from college or university is a great achievement which is why you want to find something special to give the graduate in your life. Plush toys, jewelry and other items that they can keep and look at with a smile on their face as they carve out the rest of their lives are perfect.

I've rounded up some cool graduation gift ideas for you here that I hope you'll enjoy. I particularly like the plush in the introduction image and this would be fantastic for a doctor or biologist in particular - an actual brain cell plush for a brainiac, why couldn't I have come up with that idea myself - it's priceless!

Plush Toys for Graduates

When I was younger I saw this beautiful plush owl that was dressed in a graduation gown and I thought it would've been perfect as something to keep as a momento. That was when I had just started high school and I haven't seen such a cute owl plush since!

There are some great plush toys that work well though like the brain cell plush in the introduction as well as a selection of teddies complete with mortar boards.

I'm featuring this brain cell again because I really like it and I wish I knew someone who was about to graduate - hopefully they'll still be available when my niece graduates in 3 years if all goes according to her plans as she will love it!

There are lots of different teddy bears available, some clutching diplomas, some (like this one) holding onto photo frames, but the one thing they all seem to have is the obligatory mortar board on their heads. Not everyone will appreciate a plush toy as a gift, but I still have a teddy bear that my late grandfather gave me when I was born (so it's really old now!) and I know quite a few people who have kept plush toys that have held a special meaning to them for years.

Graduation Bobbleheads

A Fun Gift That is Sure to be Appreciated

If I had seen these bobbleheads when my brother graduated he would definitely have gotten one because it's the type of thing he would've appreciated. You can get them for males and females and add their photo to personalize it.

The great thing about bobbleheads is they can keep them on a shelf at home, in their office when they go to work or even stick it on the dashboard of their car. They're also irresistible, I mean who doesn't love these figures when they bob up and down!

Graduating Jewelry

Perfect as a Keepsake Gift

This is a gorgeous bracelet that would make a great gift, but there are lots of jewelry gifts you can get for both boys and girls. If they're planning on travelling after graduation then you could get them a St. Christopher pendant and inscribe the back of it with a message along the lines of Graduating Class 2014 or Congrats on Graduating (date).

There are lots of different pendants available which are occupation specific and are perfect if they've graduated as an accountant, doctor, lawyer etc.

Fun Graduation Gifts

If you're looking at getting a gift for a friend or sibling and you just want to get them something fun then I have a couple of cool ideas for you here.

Graduation Rubber Duck
Rubber Duckies are just plain fun in my opinion and can just sit on the side of the bath and look cute or can float around and keep you company while you relax.

Did you know that even Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber ducky? I bet she doesn't have one donning a mortar board and carrying a diploma though!

Lego Minifigures Series 5 - Graduate
If they enjoy Lego then this is a no brainer as a graduation gift and I think it's awesome. Try looking at the huge smile on this minifigure and not smile back!

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