Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Basketball Mug

A Cool Gift Idea for Any Basketball Fan

A Basketball Mug is Funny & Practical

I love the look of this basketball mug, hot chocolate has become even more fun, but how many of those marshmallows can you get through the net?

Now you don't have to restrict this 16oz mug to hot chocolate alone, it will easily take other beverages and I can see my daughter tearing off bits of toast/bread/garlic bread and throwing them through the hoop into a mug of soup after school!

On a practical note it is dishwasher safe which is great! On a fun note if you have two basketball fans in the house you can get them both one fill it with hot chocolate and sit them on either side of the table with marshmallows to try and 'score' in each other's mug - a warm beverage and some basketball rivalry at the same time, priceless!

To be honest I can't think of a reason NOT to get this Basketball mug and we're more of a football family so.....

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