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Pearl Heart Pendants

Pearls are often thought of as bridal jewelry which just shows how they represent purity, love and romance and so a pearl pendant would make a great ‘I Love You’ gift for someone. Hearts are also synomonous with love and romance as you can see with the increase in the sales of heart shaped jewelry around Valentine’s Day. If you combine pearl pendants with heart shaped jewelry then you have an awesome gift idea for the person you love whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, Valentines or just a way to tell them they’re very special.

Pearls come in lots of different colors from the traditional white pearls that are often seen adorning the necks of brides to the beautiful black pearls and several colors in between. These heart shaped pearl necklaces are absolutely beautiful so let’s have a look at them….

Pearl Jewelry and Romance

Pearls were held in very high esteem by the Romans and were extremely valuable. Despite (or possibly because of it) the high cost of pearls the Romans were obsessed with them with women adding pearls not only to their clothing, but their upholstery as well.

Anxious to avoid going to war with Rome, Cleopatra wagered Marc Anthony that she would serve him the most expensive dinner in history. He turned up to find a goblet of wine and an empty plate.

Cleopatra then took one ear ring from a pair of pearl ear rings and crushed the pearl before pouring the pearl powder into her wine and taking a drink.

It is said that Marc Anthony chose not to eat his pearl ear ring, although I’m not sure what became of it. The rest as the say is history…….

Personally a crushed pearl wouldn’t make a romantic dinner for me, but giving a piece of pearl jewelry over a special dinner for two definitely has the potential to lead to a great love affair like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony had.

White Pearl Heart Pendants

Pearls Are The Jewel of Love

In ancient Greece Plato referred to the pearl as the ultimate representation of completeness. Why? Well the pearl starts off it’s life as male and evolves into a female. It stands to reason then that giving a pearl pendant is a great way to say, in the words of Jerry Maguire, you complete me.

Add to Plato’s reference the fact that the pearl is a circle which has no beginning and no end it’s very much like a wedding ring that is supposed to represent everlasting love.

More White Pearl Heart Necklaces


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George Frederick Kunz was a nineteenth century gemologist and he's credited with a quote that I think really helps to sum up part of the allure of pearls and the reason that people have adored pearls for centuries.....and will continue to do so.

"The pearl owes nothing to man. It is absolutely a gift of nature on which man cannot improve."

This quote really says it all and is, possibly, one of the reasons that as a gem it is revered in many different religions from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

In Judaism and Christianity the pearl is said to represent Jesus himself, the Koran refers to pearls as one of the great rewards found in Paradise. In the Hindu religion pearls play an important part in marriage ceremonies as they represent purity.

Heart Shaped Jewelry

When did hearts start to become symbols of love? I think around the time that people started to realize that if their hearts stopped beating they would die. Essentially giving someone your heart is like telling someone that they are the only reason for you to live - what could be a more romantic gesture.

Of course the actual heart isn't really that appealing in looks so we tend to use what my daughter used to refer to as lovehearts. Where did this internationally recognisable symbol of love originate? Well there are lots of ideas, but no one is really sure what we can say is that the red color that is usually associated with is definately because it symbolizes passion!

Take your pick out of the theories for the origin of the loveheart, if you know of one not listed, please let me know in the comments section.
  • Early representation of what was believed to be the human heart.
  • The seed of the silphium plant (an ancient herbal contraceptive).
  • Symbolism of parts of a woman's body.
  • From a Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque vision of the 'Sacred Heart of Jesus'.

Wherever the loveheart originated it is synomonous with romance which is why heart shaped jewelry is such a popular gift on Valentine's Day or for anniversaries. When combined with gemstones that have special meaning then the heart shaped jewelry becomes even more special.

More Pearl Heart Pendants

Of course you can get pearls in lots of different colors not just the white pearls. There are lavender pearls, chocolate pearls, green pearls, grey pearls, black pearls and pink pearls. Let's see what other pearl heart pendants you can find to surprise the love of your life....

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