Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Kitty iPhone Cases

Do you have a Hello Kitty iPhone Case yet?   I must admit I'm not quite sure how Hello Kitty became as big as she did, but she has certainly mesmerized millions around the world including people I buy gifts for so when I saw some iphone cases with Hello Kitty on them my eyes brightened as I realized I'd found the perfect gift for one of my nieces.

I've actually managed to compile a whole page of Hello Kitty iPhone cases which I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at.   Unfortunately as soon as I'd compiled an absolutely awesome collection of Hello Kitty iPhone cases (my dd's words - I'm guessing I've found another Hello Kitty fan), my affiliate underwent some difficulties and all of the links stopped working :(

I've now sourced some more Hello Kitty iphone cases and I have to say that there is even more selection and there are some gorgeous one available including some that combine the bling bling factor with Hello Kitty.

There are some great Hello Kitty silicone cases like the one featured and these are available in a range of different colors from black and white through to pink, orange, red and more.   These are great when you just want to give someone a Hello Kitty iphone case, but you're not sure which design they'd prefer.   You can't go wrong with this classic Hello Kitty look in their favorite color.

Not everyone likes the silicone cases however, my daughter does(for her ipod, mum hasn't let her have an iphone yet!), but I noticed that my niece seems to prefer hard cases for her iphone and you can get classic Hello Kitty designs in hard cases too.

I especially like this design with lots of little Hello Kittys all over it, but you can get designs like the classic silicone one above in a hard case as well.

As far as a lot of Hello Kitty fans are concerned you can't go past the rhinestone encrusted Hello Kitty iphone cases and I have a number of them on the webpage I mentioned above.   It's these rhinestone encrusted iphone cases that add the bling bling factor to the Hello Kitty iphone fashion and there's more than one type to choose from.

There are animal print rhinestone Hello Kitty iphone cases as well as the pretty in pink style of Hello Kitty iphone cases like the one I've found for you here.

There are also some gorgeous red rhinestone Hello Kitty iphone cases and silver (diamond look) cases to choose from.

I hope you've found a Hello Kitty iphone case that appeals to you, remember for a much larger selection you'll really want to visit my Hello Kitty iphone case page as there are cases for the iphone 3 or 4 and the selection is fantastic.

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  1. I totally agree with you about hello kitty. NO idea how it is so popular. And that rhinestone Hello Kitty iphone cases, I can just imagine that being the favorite of hello kitty fans.