Monday, June 13, 2011

Butterfly Accessory Holder

I have only just come across these butterfly accessory holders, although they have been around for a while.   They are available in green, white, pink and purple that I have seen - take a look at what they are like -

Don't they look like something that would suit a girls bedroom?   I was thinking that they'd look good hanging from the hook on the back of dd's bedroom door.   They would also hang up in the wardrobe easily.

These are promoted as butterfly scarf hangers and are ideal for hanging up all of your scarves, but when I came across them I was told they were a butterfly accessory holder. I was at the house of one of my daughter's school friends and her friend had a purple butterfly accessory holder on the back of her door.  

There were two scarfs, a couple of belts and some necklaces all hanging from it and my daughter thought it looked pretty cool.    Guess what might just be on her birthday list this year?  

Not only does the butterfly scarf hanger make it easy for you to store your scarves.....or belts or other accessories, it also looks good and can make your accessories also act as room decor.

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