Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bottle of Wine Glass

Do you know someone who enjoys a nice drop of wine or two?   This very nicely sized wine glass will take a whole 750ml bottle of wine very nicely!

If you've ever seen Cougar Town then I believe that this glass is one that Jules would love even more than her 'big' glass, in fact her big glass might even be one of these...........I really need to pay more attention to that show!

I think that a bottle of wine glass also makes a great gag gift for any friend who enjoys a drop of red...........or white, or rose or just about any wine really.   It would also be quite funny to take out when you say oh I think I'll only have one glass today - hello, big glass!

Purists should also like this glass because it will allow the wine to breathe - who needs to decant their wine when they have a large bottle of wine glass to pour it into?

Whatever the reason you want to use for having/buying this rather large wine glass have fun, but remember don't drink and drive - only having one glass is funny in front of friends at home, but not behind the wheel on the roads.

1 comment:

  1. Too funny, and yes this giant wine glass would be a great gag gift, or a glass to keep on a visible shelf in the kitchen (or bar if you have one.)