Monday, February 28, 2011

3 Unique Lego Inspired Gifts

I have come across some really cool and unique gifts for people who love Lego.    Lego has been enchanting young and old since the 1940s and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon!   I have discovered these unique ideas that are bound to be a hit with any Lego enthusiast you know, here are 3 of the best -

A Lego Minifigure T-Shirt

This t-shirt speaks for itself, it's a great gift idea that I'd be happy to give or receive!

Lego Alarm Clocks

You can also get Lego alarm clocks like the one to the left which are really awesome.   This Lego Alarm clocks are also radios and I believe you can get them in red as well as blue.    You can also get a Lego cd boom box which can be stacked onto this alarm clock which is even more cool!

If the person you know is into Lego Star Wars then there are a selection of different Lego  Star Wars alarm clocks, my favorite is the Darth Vader Mini Figure Alarm Clock which I think looks absolutely awesome!

The Darth Vader Minifigure alarm clock also has movable arms and legs so you can pose him in different positions including standing or sitting.    So if you're ready to come on over to the dark side then this is a great clock to buy!

Lego Footwear

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes when I first saw them.   There are a few different designs, but there's something about this Lego Minifigures which is appealing.    They are made by Keds so you know they're a quality shoe and the design, well what can I say?

There you have it 3 unique and funky gift ideas for a Lego fan.


  1. I Love the Lego alarm clock! I think they would be awesome gifts for adults too. (LOL-this is a hint if my family or friends are reading this).

  2. You know you can always email the link to your family Rhonda :)