Monday, March 7, 2011

The Gift of Funky Nails!

You can have a great looking manicure with the latest in nail fashion.......or you could give it as a gift.   My daughter was after some nail polish for Christmas and so I got her nail stencils to go with it and you'd think she'd died and gone to heaven with the response I got.

If only I'd have known about Katy Perry and OPI's collaboration.    I'm sure that you would remember the red carpet gossip that occurred last year with Katy Perry wearing Russel Brand's face on her nails - is it any wonder that she now has her name put on a nail polish collection?

The key to this collection is what is called the Black Shatter Crackle and it's how the effects pictured are achieved.   You see nail polish manufacturers are putting a special ingredient into some nail polishes that give the cracked or shattered look to a nail.

You can't really give a gift like this without knowing how it works or you could end up with egg on your face so let me give you the steps involved.

First you need to start with clean nails and apply a base coat.    Next you apply the color that you want to show through like the blue, grey and pinks in the picture.   The key is to make sure that this color is well and truly dry before moving onto the next step which is to apply the black shatter crackle polish evenly - apply only a thin layer of this.

A top coat is optional if you're using this collection of nail polish - the black shatter crackle leaves a lovely matte finish all by itself.   If you prefer to have a high gloss finish then add your top coat.

If you have a teen they will absolutely love you for this gift.............guess what my tween is getting for her birthday?   I'm hoping to hide the fact that this product exists from her until I give her some, but with some uber-trendy friends (and friends moms) I'm not sure I'll be successful!

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