Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer

When my dd was a baby we didn't use a baby monitor as we lived in a small townhouse and could hear her very easily.   I was aware of them however, but until recently I hadn't heard of video baby monitors - they look awesome!

If I was to have another baby while living in my existing house (very unlikely I should add) then I would be buying a baby monitor and having seen these video ones I am sold!

There are lots of different types of video baby monitors on the market (how could I not have known about them??!!), but this Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer is the best selling one on Amazon at the moment which I think speaks for itself.    It is worth checking out further though and so I did.

Product Features

  • High-resolution 3.5 inch diagonal color display and ultra-sensitive audio monitoring
  • Enhanced infrared night vision with adjustable brightness
  • Two-way communication and five built-in lullabies
  • Room temperature thermometer on baby unit with display on parent unit
  • 3.5 hours wirelss monitoring on parent unit without recharging
Well the product features (thanks to Amazon) make it seem awesome, but what about parents who have used this video monitor?


  • No way to lower the volume on the baby's monitor which means that if you speak or sing into the monitor to soothe your baby they are hearing you at a really loud volume.   As a mom myself I really don't think that a loud voice would be very conducive to soothing your baby back to sleep.   I used to go into dd's room and talk in a really low voice, or sing softly so that she would fall back to sleep - not good!


  • Parent Magazine picked the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor as one of their favorite new baby gadgets.
  • You can see baby on your monitor day and night.
  • You can charge up the monitor.
  • Recording the room temperature is a great added feature (not something I'd worry about having, but a nice bonus)
  • It has a good range which is important in a large house, or if you're hanging out washing while baby sleeps etc.

Overall this would make an awesome gift for any parent to be and is almost enough to make me get clucky again :)

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