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Disney Princess Birthday Parade Set

Precious Moments Disney Birthday Train 7 Piece Set

If you love the Disney Princesses (and who doesn't really), then you will adore the idea behind the Disney Princess Birthday Train which is basically an excuse to give/receive a Disney Princess 'treasure' every year for 10 years. I really wish that this had been available when my daughter was born and I'm wondering if it's okay to give retroactively?!

Artist Sam Butcher is behind the Precious Moment's Disney Princess Birthday Train set and I must say it's absolutely beautiful and ideal to buy for a newborn little girl. The 10 pieces can be given over 10 years and the entire set makes a great collectible which can be cherished for years to come.

The first in the Disney Princess Parade Set is to be given to celebrate the birth of a special little princess and then each next piece is for her birthdays from her first to her sixth. Let's have a look at each piece. These can be brought as a set or individually.

Hail to the Princess - Prince Charming on Horseback

Precious Moments 'Hail to the Princess' Ornament
The first piece in the set features Prince Charming on a white horse with a sign that reads 'Hail to the Princess' and is meant to herald the birth of a gorgeous little princess. It is made of resin and is 5 ¾" high, it also has a chain attached ready for the next ornament in the collection to be added to as the 7 pieces join together to form a 'train'.

The little prince on a fairytale inspired white horse just looks so cute and it's a great way to herald the birth of a princess don't you think? The British royal family simply posts birth notices on a wooden easel outside of Buckingham Palace - an announcement on horseback seems much more fitting in my opinion!!

Happy 1st Birthday

Snow White Sends Her Congratulations

The second piece in this very regal set features Snow White in a carriage with the number 1 on the side signifying a special first birthday for the special princess. The first birthday is always so significant that it's nice to be able to give something that can be kept and cherished over the years.

Precious Moments / Disney
Also made of resin (as are all of these figurines), the Snow White figurine stands at 5" tall.

As you can see Snow White also has a clasp to be attached to the chain from Prince Charming and her own chain waiting to be attached to the second birthday offering which is....

Happy 2nd Birthday - Celebrate With Cinderella

Precious Moments Cinderella Age 2 Ornament
The beautiful Cinderella graces us for birthday number two. A truly magical figurine that stands at 4 ¼" high, the little 'train' is looking a bit longer now and looks great on a shelf in any little girl's bedroom. I really wish I'd seen this set when my god daughter was younger as it would've looked great in her room.

You really do need the whole set (in my opinion anyways), but if you were just buying one then Cinderella would be right up there for me as she was always my favorite princess when growing up. Now knowing 2 year old girls you probably want to keep this up out of touch so that they can look at it, but not play or there's no way it'll last through until their adults!

Happy 3rd Birthday - Princess Aurora Sends Her Best Wishes

Precious Moments Sleeping Beauty Age 3 Ornament
Sleeping Beauty herself - otherwise known as Princess Aurora joins the Disney Princess Parade Train to wish you a happy third birthday and also to tell you to be careful of needles and strange women who live in towers!

I do love the fact that two fairy godmothers are incorporated into this gorgeous figurine as I think it just adds a certain something - what do you think?

Happy 4th Birthday

The Little Mermaid Hopes You Make a Splash This Year!

Disney Princess Ariel, otherwise known as the Little Mermaid was always my eldest niece's favorite Disney Princess and here she is to wish some lucky girl a very happy 4th birthday.

Precious Moments Ariel Age 4 Ornament
Like the other Disney Princesses, Ariel comes complete with a chain to attach to the other figurines in the set.

When sitting on her carriage flanked by her best friends Sebastian and Flounder Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid) measures 4" in height.

Happy 5th Birthday - Felicitations from Princess Belle

Precious Moments Belle Age 5 Ornament
Princess Belle from the fairytale Beauty and the Beast is the Disney Princess charged with wishing a little girl a very happy 5th birthday with a beautiful red rose in her hand.

This might be your special little girl's first gift of a flower ....... even if it does seem (to her) that the gift is actually coming from Belle!

Happy 6th Birthday

Tinker Bell Brings Fairy Greetings to this Special Day

Six is a special age for many young children as it often signifies time to start school when they're going to think they're all grown up. It makes sense that Tinkerbell should be the person to wish them a happy birthday at a time when they feel they're now a 'big girl' as Tinkerbell's best friend Peter Pan never grew up to be a 'big boy'.

Precious Moments Tinker Bell Age 6 Ornament
Tinker Bell offered to lend the Disney Princesses a hand with doling out birthday greetings, in fact she insisted, she does so hate how little girls grow up so quickly and wanted to see how beautiful your little girl was when she was six!

I do like Tinkerbell although I think that she could've been in charge of a Disney Fairies birthday parade train instead ....... I could see her bossing around organizing a 'train' of figurines.

Happy 7th Birthday

Rapunzel Hopes You Have a Great Day!

Rapunzel is busy brushing her hair so that it looks absolutely perfect for the special occasion that's your seventh birthday!

Precious Moments Rapunzel Age 7 Ornament
I think my god daughter would've loved an ornament of Rapunzel when she was younger as she loved, loved, loved having long hair, there was no way anyone was allowed to cut it. Her hair was also thick and curly and she (surprisingly for her age) loved to brush it. These days she's a teen with short hair, but I'll always remember when she was our own little Rapunzel!

I do love the gorgeous pale purple colored gown that Rapunzel is wearing on this ornament, it's a color that is popular with a large number of 7 year old girls which makes it perfect here.

Happy 8th Birthday

Princess Jasmine Congratulates you on This Milestone!

Precious Moments Jasmine Age 8 Ornament
In order to celebrate a special person turning 8 Jasmine has decided to ride in a birthday train carriage instead of on her magic carpet just so that she can pass on her birthday wishes in style!

Princess Jasmine will make sure that you have a great birthday even if you don't have a magic carpet - you have something even better - your imagination!

Happy 9th Birthday - Mulan Sends All of Her Love

What a milestone your 9th birthday is - it's the last single digit birthday so celebrate it with the beautiful Disney Princess Mulan.

Disney Princess Birthday Parade Sets

You can get 7 piece sets of the original Disney Princess Birthday Parade pieces as well as complete sets of 10 incorporating all of the pieces available up to here, but unfortunately the only place where I seem to be able to source these now is on ebay. Availability is very erratic so if you come across a set and you want it, don't hesitate and grab it quick!

I love the original pieces, but as they have been successful more years have added and I have a sneaking suspicion that eventually they'll go up to age 12, but for now enjoy then next few -

Happy 10th Birthday

Periwinkle Sends You Birthday Greetings

Precious Moments Figurine, Disney Birthday Parade Periwinkle No.10
Now this is a figurine that may be Disney, but is not a princess in fact Periwinkle is Tinker Bell's twin sister.

I guess having any fairy wish you a happy 10th birthday is always a cause for celebration and Peri is a very bubbly and happy fairy that you'd love to have at your birthday party!

Happy 11th Birthday

Pocahontas Hopes All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!

Precious Moments Figurine, Disney Birthday Parade Pocahontas No.11
This gorgeous figurine is dressed up as Pocahontas herself to add to the other Disney characters on your birthday train.

A Disney princess based on a real life person.

Happy 12th Birthday

Merida Says Many Happy Returns!

Precious Moments Figurine, Disney Birthday Parade Brave No.12
Straight from the Disney movie Brave Merida rides in on her carriage to wish you all the best for this very special birthday.

12 is a very special birthday because it's the last birthday before you become a teen...

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Parade Train Set


  1. That would make a great gift idea for a little girl. Just think of the memories for her to look back on!

    1. Yes I think it's definitely something she could treasure later in life as well.