Sunday, December 7, 2014

Did You Know Barbie Can Surf? The Scented Cali Girl Barbie

My daughter was never a fan of Barbie dolls, she was much more interested in playing with a Bob the Builder tool belt and work bench, but there was one Barbie doll which she loved and that was the Scented Cali Girl Barbie featured here.
For her sixth birthday we had quite a big party for her and one of her friend's mums brought her this Barbie doll, other people also brought her dolls - the difference with this one was it was taken out of the box! Yes, fast forward a couple of years and many of the dolls she was given were still in their boxes and not played with at all.

I asked her what she liked about this Barbie and she looked at me as though I should already know before retorting that she was a surfer of course! I think it helped that she was wearing blue which was a favorite color of hers at the time. She also told me that the reason she knew that this Barbie could actually surf was because she even smelled like a surfer! Yes this Barbie is really scented and she smells (to parents) of suntan lotion, which is what a surfer smells like!

This doll comes with suntan lotion, sunglasses and part of her outfit includes an anklet which I should warn you can cause problems - my daughter went through a stage of putting hair ties etc around her ankles as she didn't have a 'surfie' anklet so I would recommend buying your own child an anklet as well if you don't want her attempting to cut off the blood supply to her foot!

I don't remember the doll coming with suntan lotion when my daughter got hers, but it's highly possible that it got lost! Our Cali Girl Barbie did however come with a stand, although it was never used!

Although my daughter may not have been head over heels with Barbie dolls in general my grand-niece does like her dolls (although last year she was interested in Monster High and has 'discovered' Ever After High dolls this year), she also loves fashion.

She takes to long to get ready to go out and she's only 6! Everything has to match which is why I think I could get her over to team Barbie with this next range of Barbie dolls - the Barbie Fashionistas!

Barbie Fashionistas Fashion Fabulous Doll, PinkCheck Price
This is just one of the range and I know that little Miss M will love it as pink is very much her color at the moment.

I love the fact that this doll comes with mix and match outfits and I can see hours of fun being had trying on different looks.

Barbie Fashionista Ultimate ClosetCheck Price
Letting my grand-niece know that Barbie Fashionista even comes with her own closet I'm sure will win her over to team Barbie for sure!

It comes with over 20 pieces and is very portable which means that it's ideal for her to take on car trips along with a favorite Barbie doll that is. Who wouldn'd want a closet like Barbies

Despite my daughter not being overly impressed by the pop icon that is Barbie, I can't help but love her - probably because I never owned one as a child and was insanely jealous of my best friend who had not one, but two Barbies AND a Ken doll!

Check out some of the Barbies available at these links -

Christmas Barbies - Every year a new Barbie doll is released in her holiday best ready to make a little girls day ...... well originally that's what they did although I must admit the Holiday Barbies seem to be snapped up more by collectors these days than young girls, but they still look fabulous.

Halloween Barbies- As with the Christmas Barbies these tend to be snapped up more by collectors these days I think, but they are a great idea to give to your children instead of yet more candy after they've gorged on enough from their Trick or Treat bags!

Superhero Barbies - I absolutely love this range of Barbie dolls (ok, I know I say that about a lot of them!) - I think the reason I like these is because it includes a childhood idol of mine - Wonder Woman. I don't have a Wonder Woman Barbie of my own ...... yet, but I think she would kick some serious @###!

Twilight Barbie Dolls- Barbies have stayed very relevant by keeping up with what is popular from movies to popular television shows you can get Barbie dolls made out of characters you love. The Twilight series of dolls are fantastic and my only disappointment is that it took them so long to bring out an Emmitt doll, although that has since been rectified!

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