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Hannah Montana Singing Dolls

Hannah Montana Singing Dolls Make Great Gift Ideas

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Hannah Montana dolls are a great gift idea for any Hannah fan, but the best ones have to be the singing Hannah Montana dolls, after all Hannah is known for her songs. My daughter absolutely loves all of Hannah Montana’s songs (I must admit to enjoying the Bone Dance myself!).

Hannah Montana is a huge hit with young girls the world over. In the popular television series Hannah Montana is a pop superstar with a secret.....she is really a girl from Tennessee who now lives in Malibu and goes to school like any other teenage girl.

Miley Stewart is the real name of the secret pop star and she has two best friends Lilly and Oliver......When she opens up to them about her true identity they also ‘create’ alternative characters so that they can accompany Hannah at her concerts.

Hannah Montana Doll with Music Set

This singing Hannah Montana doll comes with a complete music set which is absolutely fantastic.........it's also on my dd's Christmas list this year. Singing her song "One in a Million" is the secret pop star herself -

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - Best of Both Worlds

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection -Check Price
This Hannah Montana singing dolls sings the hit song Best of Both Worlds which is instantly recognizable to any Hannah fan.

The doll also comes with her own microphone, brush, a poster and a backstage pass (any fan would absolutely love a backstage pass......even if it is just pretend!)

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - True Friend

This Hannah Montana singing doll is also from the In Concert Collection and sings True Friend which is a song that my dd absolutely loves (mind you I could say that about most of the songs!).

  Hannah MontanaCheck Price
This doll comes with a glow in the dark microphone which is pretty cool as well as a 'secret pop star' bracelet that would be a great gift just on it's own.
This Hannah Montana singing doll is sure to put you in the good books for quite a while :)

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - Nobody's Perfect

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Not only does this Hannah Montana doll sing, she also talks! As well as her own microphone she also comes with a bracelet for her owner, after all don't 'true friends' have matching bracelets?

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - The Other Side of Me

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Another of the Hannah Montana In Concert Collection of singing dolls this one sings The Other Side of Me.

Did you know that every outfit that is worn by these licensed dolls have been seen on an episode of the Hannah Montana television show? It's true.

Hannah Montana Celebrates Christmas

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive Hannah Montana singing doll as she sings 'Rocking around the Christmas tree,' she even comes with her own Christmas tree ornament which you can keep as a keepsake. But wait! There's two different Hannah dolls that sign Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and I've got them both here for you to choose from. I prefer the one in the white coat myself, but my daughter likes the gold!

Hannah Montana Also Plays Guitar

Hannah w/ Light Up Guitar -Check Price
Hannah Montana can also play the guitar which may be one of the reasons my dd was so keen to have guitar lessons!

This Hannah doll sings 'I got nerve' while her stylish guitar lights up with a touch of a button.

Your little Hannah fan can orchestrate her own Hannah Montana concert in her bedroom with this sure to please gift

A Live In Concert Hannah Montana Doll

Hannah Montana Live in Concert Doll SingsCheck Price
Another Hannah Montana doll with a light up guitar. This pink light up guitar will entrance a Hannah fan and you will find yourself with a young wannabe pop star on your hands!

This Hannah Montana singing doll sings the song 'Pumping up the party.'
Unlike the other Hannah Montana dolls that I've featured this one doesn't come with a microphone, but a headset! The silver headset should be a big hit.

I hope you found the perfect gift here. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this page together and just between you and me I was bopping along to the songs in my chair (admit it you were too!).

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