Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrity Rubber Duckies

Have you seen celebriducks before?   They are an amalgamation of famous celebrities and rubber duckies and they make a fun gift idea.   I had ducks on the brain so I wanted to find a duck related gift idea to share with you and from there celebrity rubber duckies were an obvious choice!

Why do I have ducks on the brain?   Well yesterday morning both my dogs started barking excitedly and when I walked out onto the balcony I saw that we had intruders.   They were a cute intruder as opposed to the scary ones and I quickly called out to my daughter thinking how cool it was that she had a student free day.............we had two ducks swimming in our pool!

I had heard of ducks visiting people's pools before, but this was the first time since we put our pool in five years ago that ducks had visited us.   They had a pleasant swim and then took off.................I waited for them to come back today, but so far there's no sign of our 'intruders' returning.

So it's time for a blog post and I thought right what makes a great duck gift - well there are so many cool duck gifts on offer, but I couldn't really go past these celebrity rubber ducks - they are so cute!

Whether you want to bathe with the King himself, Marilyn Monroe, the Blues Brothers or President Obama himself there is a celebriduck just right for you............there is even one of the pope!

I'm not sure if a papal celebriduck means that your bathwater becomes holy water, but you'd want to wear a swimming costume or cover his eyes wouldn't you!

If you're looking to find a Christmas gift for someone there is even a Santa celebriduck - what better gift idea is there?

Let's face it everyone loves their rubber ducky from children to adults, celebrities to neighbors why even the Queen has a rubber ducky by all accounts!

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  1. This is so much fun. I had never heard of celebrity rubber duckies before. Thanks. :)