Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disney Princess Figurines

There are some fantastic Disney Princess figurines available to buy and they all have one thing in common - they're gorgeous!   I recently came across the Disney Princess Birthday Parade set and I wished I'd found it when my daughter was first born.  It's designed as a train and starts off with the first piece to celebrate the birth of a little princess and then there's a piece to celebrate every birthday up to six.   I fell in love with it.

There are lots of other Disney Princess figurines to choose from though like this Snow White figurine -

Heigh Ho, It's Off To Play We Go - FIGURINES

Or even this Princess Jasmine figurine -

You Make All My Wishes Come True - FIGURINES

There are so many different Disney Princess figurines to choose from it's hard to know where to begin.   Personally I love Cinderella so I looked for some Cinderella figurines and I was surprised at how many great ones I could find online - a far wider selection than I could find at my local mall.  

This inspired me to collate all of my finds and present them on a webpage for you so if you love Cinderella then check out - Collectible Cinderella Figurines.   The Cinderella figurines featured include the Precious Moments Cinderella ornaments (like the Precious Moments ones featured above), along with collectible figurines from Lenox and even Cinderella figurines from Jim Shore's Disney Traditions range of Disney figurines.    There is bound to be at least one Cinderella figurine that you love in there and if you're like me you'll have trouble narrowing down the one you absolutely can't live without!

My daughter on the other hand has never been that enamored with Cinderella instead she's always loved Snow White - I tried to tell her she was more like the Evil Queen looking in mirrors all the time and the look I recieved (bear in mind that she's now a tween) would have put Medusa to shame, I swear I'm amazed I'm not turned to stone.

Anyway in deference to my daughter's preference for Snow White I also looked for Snow White figurines and guess what?   Yes, just like Cinderella there is a plethora of choice available online and so to make things easier for you I've compiled another webpage this time it's called - Collectible Snow White Figurines - I'm not that inventive with my titles am I?

Like the Cinderella page this website includes some fantastic Snow White Figurines from the likes of Precious Moments, Bradford Exchange and Jim Shore along with others and for a Cinderella person like myself I was surprised at exactly how many Snow White figurines I wanted to personally own!


  1. I am also more of a Snow White girl. And remind your dd that the Evil Queen was the most beautiful in the land before snow white, so that's not really so bad. And do it quick before she figures out how to turn you to stone.

  2. Oh..these figurines are so nice..!