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Twilight Dolls

Collectible Twilight Dolls

Are you looking for a Twilight Doll? Whether you're after Edward, Bella, Jacob or one of the other Twilight character dolls you've come to the right place. Dolls are a great collectors item and these Twilight dolls are no exception. Twilight has been grabbed on to by a wide age range, from Tweens upwards. My daughter just loves the idea of having a Twilight doll, one of her friends actually has a couple and plays with them constantly. Older Twilight fans would love to own a Twilight doll as a collectible or an ornament.

You could stand one or two of these dolls up to guard your Twilight jewelry box or just to look good on a shelf. If you can't decide whether you want a Bella doll, an Edward doll or one of the others then never fear because you can get a set of dolls instead.

Edward Cullen Dolls - Tonner Twilight Dolls

Obviously Edward is one of the main stars of the Twilight Saga so there are a lot of different Edward dolls to choose from. Tonner Dolls are internationally recognized as being award winning dolls and really are collectors items. The details in this doll are great and it's bound to impress the most hardcore Twilight fan.

The description from the Tonner website is -This unique, lifelike doll is sculpted from fine-quality vinyl and hard plastic, with rooted saran hair and hand-painted facial features.

Even hardcore Twilight fans will be impressed with the details put into this doll. Straight from the movie, Edward wears a white buttoned shirt and black suit from his Prom Date with Bella. He also comes with a wristband with a metallic pendant.

Another Edward Cullen Tonner doll to you to look at. The description from the website is -This TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE is approximately 17" tall and includes 14 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, and ankles). He features hand painted features and rooted saran hair. EDWARD comes dressed straight from the movie in a t-shirt, jeans, socks, shoes with working laces, and tailored coat.

Here are some more Edward dolls for you to enjoy and you should also check out ebay as they have a great selection including OOAK Edward dolls occasionally.

Alice Cullen Dolls

Alice is an adopted sister of Edward Cullen and has the ability to see into the future. When she was a human she had premonitions and she continued to have this gift when she became a vampire.

Alice and Bella are the only two humans to ever escape the clutches of James (one of the bad vamps from the first Twilight movie)

Alice Cullen Dolls on eBay

Check out the latest ebay offerings for Alice Cullen dolls. Some of the Alice dolls have become highly collectible and attract very high prices, sometimes you can find these dolls at a much more reasonable price on ebay (unfortunately that's not always the case though). My favorite reason for using ebay when it comes to finding dolls however is because you can often get one of a kind dolls (also known as OOAK dolls) and some of these can be really cool.

Bella Swan Dolls

Having both Edward and Jacob fight over her has made Bella Swan the envy of girls the world over! We first meet Bella when she has to live with her father in the town of Forks where the Cullen family have settled. On her first day of school she sees the Cullens and is instantly intrigued by them.

When Edward saves her life in the school car park the look that passes through them really signals to the rest of us that they're in love!

Tonner Bella Swan Doll
According to the Tonner website - Even hardcore Twilight fans will be amazed at the details in this doll. Straight from the movie, Bella wears a gorgeous blue dress, a white sweater embroidered with blue, pink, and green accents, black leggings, a white sock and sneaker with working laces on her left foot, and a black leg cast on the right.

You can also get Bella dolls that have been made by Barbie and these include her beautiful wedding dress doll. I've actually made a separate page for all of the Twilight Barbies. Check out the Bella Swan Barbie Dolls here!

Jacob Black Dolls

Jacob Black is a member of the Quileute tribe and knew Bella when she was a child. He and Bella are good friends, but when he becomes a werewolf (the ancient foe of vampires) it makes life difficult.

New Moon sprouted two new Twilight movements - Team Edward and Team Jacob. If you like Team Jacob then you will love a Jacob Black Twilight doll.

Jasper Hale Doll

More Twilight Dolls

Jasper Hale is the husband of Alice Cullen and also an adoptive son to Carlisle Cullen and adopted brother of Edward.

Twilight New Moon Series 2 Action Figure Jasper
Jasper was a vampire for a long time before Alice found him and has the hardest time controlling his thirst for human blood. Until Alice told him he didn't know that it was possible to live off of animal blood instead.

Rosalie Hale Doll

Rosalie Hale is another adoptive child of Carlisle and because of their physical resemblance she passes for Jasper's twin. Rosalie is married to Emmett who was also adopted by Carlisle. It was actually Rosalie that found him when he was dying and brought him to Carlisle to 'save.'

When I first started to become interested in Twilight dolls ebay was the only place I could find a Rosalie doll as neither Barbie, Tonner or NECA had released any with the first movie so OOAK dolls were the only way I could find the beautiful Rosalie Hale. Now we can get a Barbie Rosalie doll as you can see below -

The Bad Vampire Dolls

In the first Twilight movie we're introduced to three vampires who are passing through Forks and are still feeding on human blood. One of them, Laurent, agrees to move on after talking to the Cullens as he doesn't want to mess things up for him. However another one of them, James, has smelt out Bella and decides he wants to hunt. The third of these vampires is James' mate Victoria.

When James is killed by Alice, Emmett and Jasper Victoria swears revenge on the Cullen family. Tonner did release a great looking James doll, but I haven't been able to source it for a little while now, there are a couple of different Victoria dolls available however...

Victoria Dolls

Victoria, Twilight the Movie by Tonner Dolls
The Tonner Doll website describes Victoria as follows - TWILIGHT's fiery antagonist, VICTORIA, is on the prowl in a printed jersey tank top, black denim jeans, and plush faux fur jacket.

This fully authorized reproduction also includes a gold chain necklace, peacock feather charm, a knit armband under a faux leather bracer, beaded bracelet, and faux leather bracelet with bead accents; display stand included. Character likeness on the Tyler WentworthĂ‚® Convertible basic body with flat feet (high-heel feet also included).

NECA Twilight Eclipse Movie Series 1 Action Figure Victoria
Victoria returned for the Twilight move - Eclipse - where she was busy forming an army to kill Bella.

This Barbie doll has been released in conjunction with the movie Eclipse.

Carlisle, Esme & Emmitt Twilight Dolls

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Dolls

Finally after the final installment in the Twilight Saga of films (Breaking Dawn Part 2) Barbie have released dolls of Carlisle, Esme and Emmitt which I personally feel have been long overdue. Esme looks as cool, calm and collected as always in doll form while Carlisle is 'rocking' his doctors coat and Emmitt well in my opinion an Emmitt doll has been way over due as he has garnered a number of female fans who were more taken with Emmitt than either Team Edward or Team Jacob!

You can check out all of these characters on my Twilight Barbie post, but here's a sneak peek at them.

carlisle esme and emmitt twilight dolls
Carlisle, Esme & Emmitt Cullen Dolls

Carlisle Cullen - The 'Father' of the Twilight Dolls

I love the fact that the doll has Carlisle in his doctor's coat and I think it was long over due to have a Carlisle doll available, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I don't think that the doll's features look that much like Carlisle, unlike some of the other Twilight dolls which capture their character's really well. Having said that you do need this doll to complete any Twilight collection that you have so....

Esme Cullen

I love the look that they've given Esme with this doll, the purple top is absolutely perfect. The bracelet is also a lovely touch (you can't tell from the image, but it's got the Cullen Crest on it).

Emmitt Cullen

Emmitt is a great addition to the Twilight doll collection and I can't believe we had to wait until the last movie to see this doll made available - I love Emmitt!

This doll captures him really well and I must say I love his wrist cuff with the Cullen Crest on it, a great addition to his outfit.

My daughter wants an Edward Cullen doll, although once she had one of those she'd probably want a Bella doll as well!!

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