Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Salt and Pepper Anyone?

There are some awesome salt and pepper shakers on the market at the moment and I love the ones that have magnets in them such as this Aye Chihuahua Chi Chi and Zorro Magnetic Salt Pepper Shakers from Amazon. These make a really interesting gift idea, some people even collect salt and pepper shakers such as my sister in law.

I have recently started to work in a shop that sells a small collection of these magnetic salt and pepper shakers and I thought they were lovely.....some of our customers just think it’s fun to have cows kissing dogs etc and we often have to change them back! Despite that I still think they’re a great gift idea for someone who’s hard to buy for ie a secret Santa at work or your neighbor who’s checking your mail for you when you’re away or your partner’s aunt who’s never happy with anything she receives!!!

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