Wednesday, October 19, 2016

20 Top Gift Ideas for Women

20 top gift ideas for women

I've written this article to help you find the perfect gift for all of the women in your life from your mother to your daughter!

Hopefully, you'll find the perfect thing for them.  These top gift ideas for women include make-up, beauty, coffee and novelty gifts along with lots more.

These gift ideas have been updated for 2023 so you can rest assured that they will be appreciated this year whether for Christmas, birthdays, or some other special occasion.

Please be sure to leave a comment below letting us know which gift ideas you think look like the best!

So, enough chit-chat, let's look at the top 20 gift ideas I've found for you - more information can be found below.

Top 20 gift ideas for ladies from candles to shower steamers and more

Check out these top gift ideas for women right here top row L-R; middle row L-R; bottom row L-R-

1. Star & Moon Cup & Saucer Set | 2. Facial Ice Roller | 3. Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones | 4. OCD Cutting Board | 5.Shower Steamers | 6. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle | 7.Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker | 8. Candles | 9. Gold Scratch Off World Map Poster 

The glass coffee cup and ceramic star & moon saucer set is absolutely gorgeous and I know a couple of moon-obsessed females in my life who would absolutely love it. It's availabe in four different colours - blue, black, pink or white. Perfect for either hot or cold drinks.

If you're purchasing a gift for someone who loves their beauty routines then a facial ice roller is a great idea (if they don't already have one). As well as being promoted as a beauty product this roller is also said to help with migraines and hot flashes.

Any music-loving lady in your life is bound to love the Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones. These are perfect for wearing when at the gym, doing housework, walking the dog or just chilling on the couch at home. I, personally, would use them to listen to audible books while cooking and for listening to music while relaxing on the couch.

If you know someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen then a fun appliance is always a great idea and this one is an OCD chopping board allowing your OCD to take over and create the perfect sized of just about anything you're cooking!

Shower steamers are absolutely amazing. So many of us don't have time for a relaxing bath using essential oils or bubble bath while our essential oils aromatherapy diffuser is going so whoever came up with shower steamers deserves a medal. Pop these essential oil shower steamers into the shower and enjoy all your stress disappear as your quick shower turns into a mini spa. Who wouldn't love these? Another great idea with these is to get a box and break them open to pop in as stocking fillers or to add to spa-inspired baskets for various ladies.

We're always being told to drink more, but sometimes the water tastes boring, introducing the infusion fruit infuser water bottle. A great gift idea for the woman on the go.

Who doesn't like ice cream? Make your own cold rock style dessert in minutes with the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker. I think this would suit just about any woman on your gift list!

Candles are always a lovely idea for a lady, I know I've received some lovely ones over the years.

If you're buying for a lady that loves to travel then the Scratch Off World Map poster is an awesome gift idea that I think she'll really appreciate.

Wine Pearls - A Cool Gift Idea

Idea number 19 is perfect if the woman you're buying for enjoys a nice glass of wine. Introducing Wine Pearls because there's nothing worse than enjoying a lovely glass of chilled Moscato or Rose and it warms up before you've finished it.   Adding ice cubes to wine just doesn't work as it waters it down, wine pearls however are a great idea for keeping it chilled without any watering down of the wine.

Some people do suggest frozen grapes are a great way of keeping wine cool and I'll admit they can be great, but sometimes the grapes you have just don't suit the particular wine you're drinking so......

If the woman you're buying for prefers some other cool beverage then these will work just as well in any drink.  Check out my full review at Wine Pearls, Chilling Wine in Style.

Wine Pearls, just one of the top 20 gift ideas for women this year
Wine Pearls - Just one of the top gift ideas for women

20 great gift ideas for the ladies in your life

Check out all of these amazing gift ideas for the ladies in your life. Top row L-R; middle row L-R; bottom rol L-R -

If you're buying for a coffee-drinking Star Wars fan then do I need to say more? The R2D2 Coffee Press is a slam-dunk gift idea.

Socks can be a great idea and I love the bring me chocolate ones, but there are lots of other options to choose from including wine, beer, coffee, bacon, ice cream or tacos, to name a few. Just choose the most appropriate one and you're sure to impress.

If you're purchasing for a gin drinker then why not consider buying a Gin Maker's Kit so that she can 'design' her own gin. It's sure to be lots of fun creating her drink as well as drinking it!

A pink power drill set is perfect for any handy woman on your list (if she doesn't already have one that is). Personally no-one actually needs a pink one, but they are so fun that I'd love one .... it's also a way to make sure their husband doesn't use theirs!

The Ustour Eye Massager has three heat settings and also plays music. It is said to help reduce migraines, dark circles and eye strain as well as hoping to reduce stress and relieve insomnia. Most importantly she can put it on for 15 minutes a day and know that she won't be disturbed - pricesless!

Not all booklovers appreciate a Kindle, but it can be a great gift idea for someone who loves to read before going to sleep as they can read a Kindle without the light on allowing their partner to sleep. It's also a great gift idea for when anyone who has to commute to work on public transport or who enjoys traveling as it's lightweight and you always have another book on hand if you finish one.

Arbonne's Double Take Matte & Shine Lip Duos are a great gift idea as they have matte lipstick on one end and gloss on the other. A great size to fit easily in your bag - wear either or both. They come in a number of different colours.

A fun mug can be a great small gift idea for a co-worker or as part of a gift. I have seen a number of things given inside a mug from sweets to ingredients to make a mug cake, chocolate spoons and even non-edible ideas such as stationery.

An oversized Giant Martini Glass can be a fun gift for anyone that enjoys the odd cocktail or two

Now let's move on to the 20th gift idea for women and I absolutely love this one, heated gloves and slippers!

Heated Gloves & Slippers

Now I don't know about the females in your life, but I do not like being cold so when I see the words heated before gloves and/or slippers I'm already thinking - Yes!

The gift idea I featured above are Yeti USB Handwarmers and Footwarmers and I have to say I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

Heated hand warmer gloves and/or heated foot warmer slippers are definitely a top gift idea for women
Yeti Heated Hand Warmer Gloves & Heated Foot Warmer Slippers

This image above shows them off even better than the introduction image and I have to say that keeping warm never looked so cool!

BONUS! Tool Sets for Women

Now although we mentioned a pink cordless drill in the 20 gift ideas, I actually love the idea of giving a whole tool set so I just had to include this bonus idea. I don't think a woman needs 'special' tools in order to be handy, but I must admit I do love the look of the selection of pink tool kits for women that are available these days.   I also know that the way I treat tools and the way that my partner treats tools are very different so my own, special pink tool set seems to be a great idea.

I featured the pink cordless drill above, but there are lots of different pink tool sets available which are sure to make your handywoman very happy!

More Great Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

If you would like more gift ideas then why not check out the Facebook group, The Christmas Shopping List. There are lots of different gift ideas posted in this group and they try to cater for everyone on your gift list from women to men, babies to teens.


  1. These are truly a fun assortment of gifts for women! I must confess, the ravioli spoon-rest would make me hungry every time I saw it. I do love ravioli!

    1. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't love ravioli which is one of the reasons I thought that spoon rest was awesome!

  2. LOVE this post!! My favorite gift would be the cutting board, what a great idea :)

    1. I thought the cutting board was such a fun gift idea too.

  3. Hey, these are such unique gift ideas! I wouldn't mind receiving that R2D2 coffee press myself, being a big Star Wars fan as well as a coffee junkie! ;)

    1. Isn't it perfect? There are so many cool R2D2 gift ideas to choose from, but I think the coffee press is right up there among the best ideas :)

  4. LOL, those zombie cookie cutters are a riot! What fun. You have some outstanding gift suggestions here - most unique!

    1. Thanks Elf, I had a lot of fun putting together these gift ideas, but my Christmas list got quite a bit longer as I 'found' things :)

  5. Okay, not sure which is my favorite but the abominable snowman slippers and gloves are pretty cute. :)

    1. They are awesome aren't they? I could see the heated slippers on my feet very easily and fingerless heated gloves means that I could still type on the computer - win/win :)

  6. I think my favorites are numbers 4, 13, and 18. I tend to go for kitchen gifts. Love the mug and the cutting board.

    1. Kitchen gifts are pretty cool - I love #13 too the funky vet kit, why not make veggies fun I say!