Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zebra iPod Cases

Zebra & Zebra Print iPod Cases to Rock Your Tunes With!

If you're looking for a zebra ipod case then you'll love this selection I've compiled for you. These iPod cases are all based around that gorgeous wild animal that we all love - the zebra. I've selected a range of ipod touch cases that should suit everyone from cases based on photographs of zebras in their natural habitats to pictures and cartoons of zebras and then there's the zebra print design.

Zebra stripes have enchanted man for years and we've incorporated them into our home decor, our fashion accessories and now even on our ipods. The gorgeous black and white stripes are quite mesmorizing so it's hardly any surprise that people would love to use this design in their daily lives. The best thing is when people decide to add color to the traditional black and white design, this leads to a technicolor zebra pattern design that has proven to be very popular.

Enjoy my selection of ipod touch cases and be sure to click on the one you like for more information or just to buy it.

Great Zebra iPod Cases

Gorgeous Photographic Inspired Zebra Cases

There is something absolutely gorgeous about zebras and you can see what I mean with these next three cases which are all based on actual photographs. I love the mom and foal, it's so cute. The first one featured is my favorite though, I'm sure the zebra is talking to me with his eyes saying something like - I've got my eye on you!

Zebra iTouch Case casemate_caseCommon Zebra (Equus quagga), close up casemate_caseZebra Foal and Mother 2 casemate_case

Cartoon Zebra Cases

Gorgeous & Cute Zebra Images for Your iPod

Of course not everyone can take photographs of zebras which is why so much zebra artwork is based on drawings and in the case of the designs featured here - cartoons! When an animal is considered cute it's almost inevitable that cartoon versions will become available and I do love the one's I've compiled here, although my favorite is the one in the introduction image.

Cute and Funny Black and White Cartoon Zebra casemate_caseZebra, Daisies & Butterfly casemate_caseBlue Eyed Zebra casemate_case

Zebra Print iPod Touch Cases

The Coolest Animal Print iPod Cases!

Zebra's are really cool and so is zebra print whether you choose the traditional black and white zebra stripes to decorate your ipod or whether you go for one of the groovy color combinations I've found for you here is all about choosing your own individual look. No two zebra's stripes are exactly the same so why should you get a zebra print design that's the same as your friends? You can choose a number of different color combinations from hot pink to orange, green or red and they will look hot!

Black Zebra Print Pattern. iPod Case-Mate Cases Blue Zebra Print casemate_caseNeon Zebra iPod Case casemate_case Girly Pink Black Animal Print Glitter Photo Print iPod Touch Cover Cranberry Pink and Black Zebra Print Barely There iPod Covers ZEBRA STRIPES: AMETHYST BARELY THERE iPod COVERS

When my daughter was in Grade One she came home from school one day and asked if we had room for a zebra in the back garden. I had to explain that you couldn't just get a zebra from the pet shop (you need a special license to own one in Australia where we live). Upon further questioning I discovered that the reason she wanted a zebra was because she'd like to be able to dye their hair regularly and she didn't think our dog's brown coats would look as cool as a zebra's coat!!!

Personalized Zebra Print iPod Cases

Great Gift Ideas

Personalizing an ipod case is a great idea for a gift and if you decide to combine a cool zebra print design with a customized case then you have a gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Aqua Zebra Print iPod Touch 4th Gen Case-Mate Cove casemate_caseCustom Name Zebra Barely There Ipod Touch Case casemate_caseZebra Stripes In Hot Pink On iPod Touch Case-Mate casemate_case

More iPod Touch Cases

Sometimes we just don't feel like having zebras or zebra print designs on our ipod cases and that's okay because I have a selection of other ipod touch cases for you to choose from and they can all be found on this page -

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