Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trivial Pursuit - A Game For All Ages!

I love Trivial Pursuit and have enjoyed playing it since it was first released during the 80s.   My daughter liked the idea of playing, but she was only little so she didn't know the answers........the makers of Trivial Pursuit seemed to hear her calls as they released the Family Edition Trivial Pursuit which is in a word - awesome!

Luckily dd enjoys playing this almost as much as Monopoly and it's definitely the game I prefer so wet school holidays see us both happily trying to beat each other.  
There are two sets of questions one for adults to answer and one for children to answer which equals a level playing field.   I think the wins are about equal between us which is good.

The categories are also different from the original and are People & Places, Good Times, Yesterdays, Art & Culture, Created World and Games & Leisure

A sample adult card question is - Where in the body will you find your aqueous humour?   The answer for those of you who just want to confirm you were right is in the eye.

A sample child card question is - What is rolled in the game Yahtzee?   The answer (again only for confirmation as I know all of my readers know everything :) ) is dice.

Anyway there are lots of different versions of Trivial Pursuit available now which make it even more fun so check out some of the best ones at this page - I Love Trivial Pursuit!

Some of these versions would make great gift ideas such as the Star Wars one for any Star Wars fan to really test them and the 80s version for people who are still stuck in that decade.

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  1. What an awesome game. Great find. When we play I always have to make up questions for the girls. The family version would make trivial pursuit perfect.