Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gifts for a Creative Child + We Got An Award!

First up we got given a Creative Blog Award which led me to the idea of looking for a 'creative' gift idea to feature!   Here's the award - isn't it cool?

Now if you have a creative child how do you feed their imagination and nurture their creativity?   I have always made sure that I have paper and art supplies on hand for my daughter and I've come across this set from Amazon that looks pretty cool and would be a great gift idea for a budding artist.

This set comes in it's own box which most young children will find pretty cool.   It also features color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paint brushes, pencils etc.   Basically this art set will allow them to explore a few different mediums which is exactly what you want for a young child who enjoys art.

Of course art isn't the only way that creativity shows through, my daughter has always enjoyed writing as well and I used to get her to write on pieces of A5 paper and then to do a picture on the front piece of paper with the name of her story.   We would then staple the paper together to produce her own book.   This is something that children absolutely love.

Now it appears that you can take this process another step with an Illustory Make Your Own Story kit like this one here -

Now I must admit I haven't actually used this set, but I would've definitely brought one had I found them a few years ago as it's a great way to nurture a child's imagination.

There are lots of other gift ideas for creative children from cross-stitch kits, beading kits and the current favorite - children's cooking sets.   It seems as though there has been an explosion in the number of cooking shows on our television at the moment which has led to children wanting to show their creativity in the kitchen as well.

As far as I'm concerned if you can get a child interested in cooking from a young age there are no bad side effects, but maybe that's just me!

I'll leave you with this 19 piece kids baking set from the Food Network's Paula Deen.


  1. Congratulations on your award. Love the creative gifts you have picked out here.